Does modern pro sports deter effort and honesty and fan and player enjoyment?

I know the answer to that. You know the answer to that. But with the latest baseball developments and the NBA in the front runner era of schemers are winners philosophy. Thanks to David Stern and marketing and profits before all else. Btw? Stern took to his grave the real motivation behind suspending a player like Stoudemire for such an important game denying us by the stroke of a pen folks. With so much cheating going on in sports in general? Including our own Deandre Ayton. Do players now give their best and may the best team win? Or does the best team really win any more? Makes you wonder. Free agency is not free at all. It comes with a huge price. Not having seeding playoffs comes with a huge price. It many times crown a faux pa champion instead of a true champion. I know players need to get paid huge sums of money while they can. But this incessant need to frame champions and cheat other participants to me you wasted everyone's time and cheated them out of witnessing true sport. Why would you be proud of a team who cheated? Why would you be proud of a team who essentially are constructed off the backs of a system which promotes collusion and robbing lesser teams of talent? Well its WWE style sports IMO. Nothing is perfect in this world. But...For the love of everything pure. Please seed the NBA playoffs and the NFL. It would at the very least level the odds that you crown a tried champion. We know marketing and money are the now most important features of pro ball. But sheesh...The antiquated playoff format needs to change. Even college football let the haves clock each other. And it seems more legit even though you know its all about who goes where. This is my voice in the wilderness fan post.