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Quick Recap: Suns win at San Antonio for the first time since 2013

The Suns beat the Spurs 103-99... do you need to hear more than that to be happy tonight?

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Edward A. Ornelas/Getty Images

The Spurs had already claimed the season series tie breaker before this game started by way of their wins on this past Monday in Phoenix and back in Mexico city in December. This game was just about hopefully adding another W for the Suns... and pride.

That was enough motivation for them as they overcame a rough first quarter start to get their first win in San Antonio since February 27th 2013.

Devin Booker led the Suns with a 33 point, 10 assist double-double even though he fouled out late in the 4th quarter. Dario Saric added 20 points, Kelly Oubre Jr. had 16 pts, 9 rebounds and 3 blocks and Deandre Ayton had 10 points and 11 rebounds.

DeMar DeRozan led the Spurs with 30 points.

The Suns pulled off this win despite being outscored 28-17 at the free throw line and the Spurs’ bench outscoring the Suns’ bench 37-11.

Even thought he Suns didn’t have a good shooting night (46.4% FG, 27.6% 3-pt), their defense played a big part in the Spurs having a worse shooting night (42.3% FG, 20.0% 3-pt).

1st Quarter

The Suns get out to a quick 2-0 lead and then they trade baskets with the Spurs until the Suns get two quick fouls called on Booker and Ayton. Spurs up 6-4.

Nice play by the Suns on both ends and the Suns take back the lead 9-6. The Spurs quickly turn the tables and take a 13-9 lead.

Good D by the Suns, a turnover by the Spurs but another foul by the Suns leads to a timeout with the Spurs up 13-11 with 6:46 to go in the 1st. The Suns need to be careful and not let the Spurs get into the bonus early.

Another foul by Oubre. That’s 4 on the Suns, just 2 on the Spurs.

Spurs now up 22-15 with 3:38 to go in the 1st. It’s not looking good for the Suns.

Saric is playing center for the Suns with DA on the Bench with 2 fouls. Ty Jerome just got his 1st goal this month, a three. Now 24-20 Spurs lead at the 2:05 mark. Timeout called.

Now it’s a 26-22 Spurs lead.

Derrick White gets fouled on a three and makes 2 of 3.

The first quarter ends with the Spurs up 28-22. The Spurs are hitting 50% of their shots from the field and from three. The Suns are 40% and 25% respectively.

2nd Quarter

Suns commit a turnover to start the quarter and the Spurs score. The Suns aren’t playing well. Monty Williams calls time with 10:51 to go and the Suns down 33-24.

Suns make a 10-2 run and cut the Spurs’ lead to 35-34 with 7:04 too play! Spurs call time.

The Spurs’ bench has out scored the Suns’ bench 13-5.

Good D and the Suns take the lead 36-35! As Suns’ stop an the Suns are up 38-35! Again the spurs fail to score and Booker puts the Suns up 41-35 with an and-one play!

Suns are heating up and are now up 45-35 following a 22-2 run! Luck is finally going the Suns’ way... now up 50-37 with 2:56 to go in the half! Oubre has 13 points, Booker has 12.

Saric hits another three! Suns up 53-38! Suns are playing some of their best basketball right now.

The Spurs are making a bit of a move now and have cut the Suns’ lead to 53-44. 6-0 run for the Spurs... but Booker hits a three!

The Suns lead by 12 - 56-44 - at the half.

At the Half

Devin Booker leads the Suns with 15 points and 5 assists. Kelley Oubre Jr. has 13 and Dario Saric has 12. DeRozan leads the Spurs with 12 and Aldridge has 11.

The Suns started out cold in the 1st quarter but heated up a lot in the second to hit 51.2% from the field and 35.7% from three for the half. The Spurs shot 42.1% and 27.3% respectively.

Rebounds, turnovers, fouls and steals were relatively equal with no team having a clear advantage in any of those stats.

The Suns have a slight lead in assists at 14 to 9.

3rd Quarter

Suns start off the 3rd with a miss and SA comes back to cut their lead to 56-46. Booker hits 2 at the line though to put their lead back up to 12.

Spurs cut the lead to 60-52 but Saric put it back up to 10. And a Suns’ stop leads to an Ayton dunk and the Suns are ahead 64-52. Time called by the Spurs with 8:07 left in the 3rd.

Oubre with his 3rd block but then quickly gets his 3rd foul afterwards. He heads to the bench and the Spurs cut the Suns’ lead to 65-58.

The Spurs make a little run to cut the Suns’ lead to 65-60 and Monty calls time with 5:57 left in the 3rd quarter.

Goal tending on the Spurs! Suns up 67-60 but Bridges gets called for a ticky-tac foul on the other end. 67-62 Suns lead. 3:34 to go and the Suns lead down to 69-66. Spurs bench has outscored the Suns bench 18-5.

Book with a fastbreak dunk and the Suns lead 74-70 after Aldridge gets a 2 on the other end. Book gets another 2 at the line - 8-8 tonight - to put the Suns up 76-70.

Booker with a great block on a Spurs fastbreak! The Suns can’t score on the other end though.

Suns up 78-72 at the end of the 3rd.

4th Quarter

Mills hits a trey to start the 4th and the Suns’ lead is down to 78-75. The Suns get stiffled on the other end and Oubre picks up his 5th foul on the other end.

Spurs cut the Suns’ lead to one point but... Book for 3! The Suns get a stop on the other end but then fail to score.

Rubio! Suns fight back and are up 87-82. with 8:12 to go. Suns playing small now with Saric at the 5. 87-86 Suns lead.

Book hits a shot and the Suns are back up by 3. Book goes back to the line and hits 2, he now has 33 points - and the Suns lead 91-86.

DeRozan hits a 2 on the other end, is fouled and gets the and-one. Suns hit a 3 on the other end and go up 94-89.

4:18 left to play as Booker gets called for a foul. Timeout as the play is reviewed.

Oubre has 5 fouls, Booker and Bridges both have 4. 94-91 Suns lead.

Suns turnover and Booker gets his 5th foul. Spurs cut the Suns’ lead to 94-93. Timeout with 3:28 to go. Booker puts the Suns up by 3!

Ayton picks up his 4th foul and the Suns’ lead is cut to 96-95 after DeRozan hit 2 FTs. Oubre scores! Suns up by 3 again! Spurs miss, Suns have the ball but lose it and Booker fouls out with 1:31 to play.

Saric with a putback to put the Suns up 100-96! 32 seconds left... Spurs miss and it’s Suns ball. Suns just need to be careful and hit their free throws and they can get a win.

Bridges is fouled on the inbounds and hits both FTs! 102-96 Suns lead with 19 seconds to go!

A little excitement before the buzzer but the Suns get the win, 103-99!

This game is over.

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