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NBA fans remember Kobe’s career in this week’s FanPulse survey

Kobe getting five rings when some assumed he was dead in the water without Shaq was the top result.

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NBA Finals Game 7: Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s been hard this week to think about the NBA without feeling down about Kobe Bryant’s passing. So with this week’s FanPulse survey, we decided it was best to continue to celebrate his on-court legacy by looking back on some of the Black Mamba’s most incredible accomplishments.

And of course, since it’s sports, it naturally became a debate.

This week’s results were tight. Bryant scored 81 points in a game, surpassed the bounds of the human body by playing through injuries, won five titles, an MVP award, and finished things out by putting up 60 in his final game.

There are so many more not even listed there. Bryant was dominant, a killer. A winner.

Here’s what FanPulse voters think:

It’s still crazy to consider how many memories of Kobe Suns fans have that are actually positive. There aren’t many fanbases who can say that. Even in 2010, when Kobe and the Lakers finally slayed Phoenix, the Suns were just happy to be there. That Lakers team was far better than the Suns, and even pushing it to Game 6 (nearly 7) was impressive.

Anyway, I’ll throw my two cents in as per usual just to say the most impressive to me is the five titles, but let’s get more specific. The idea that Kobe lost Shaquille O’Neal and Phil Jackson, suffered through three straight seasons with fewer than 50 wins, and then recovered to make three straight Finals from age 30-32 is remarkable. Those last two titles are the best accomplishments of Kobe’s career to me.

The Suns stuff didn’t change much this week. You all are still down on them relative to the beginning of the season, and I think that’s fair, although somehow this damn team is .500 on the road. That’s impressive, but they’ve just been too inconsistent to believe in.

The trade deadline will be an interesting benchmark as to how this team sees itself and how you all see their future stock. Deandre Ayton playing like he did Tuesday night in Dallas will go a long way, too.

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