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Locked On Suns Friday: Parsing James Jones’ comments on team expectations, trade deadline, and Deandre Ayton

Suns GM James Jones spoke to Bright Side Of The Sun earlier this week in an exclusive interview. We break it all down.

This week, we had the chance to speak to Suns GM James Jones again in an exclusive setting at Bright Side Night 2020.

Jones spoke for around 30 minutes on a multitude of topics, delving into his expectations this year, the makeup of the roster, and Deandre Ayton’s progress this season.

It sounds like Jones and Co. were caught off guard by the early 7-4 start, and we might not hear any trade chatter until right before the deadline. Also, what’s up with Deandre Ayton not shooting three-pointers? Jones, along with head coach Monty Williams, both mentioned this situation is on Ayton’s shoulders.

We break all of Jones’ comments down.

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