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Solar Panel: Keith Smith joins to discuss whether Suns are the best destination this winter

Espo, Dave and Keith discuss the NBA landscape, free agency, offseason goals and Suns potential

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Dave and Espo invite Keith Smith, a writer for RealGM, Yahoo and other outlets, to discuss the Suns and the NBA as a whole this offseason.

For the most detailed breakdown of cap space for every team in the NBA, check out this google doc here. Unbelievable detail.

Follow Keith here on twitter for the latest NBA news: @KeithSmithNBA

We cover:

  • Offseason dates - best guesses for start of free agency, training camps and season
  • Suns available cap space: spend now or wait till next summer?
  • Rank this winter’s free agent destinations with cap space, best to worst — Are the Suns actually the BEST destination this winter?
  • Who should be the Suns top target: Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo? jkjk
  • But seriously, are the Suns the best possible destination for Christian Wood, Fred VanVleet and Jerami Grant?

Plus, questions from the YouTube chat and Facebook friends!

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