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Solar Panel: Jared Cohen joins to talk Oubre trade value, free agency and more!

Espo, Dave and Jared discuss what’s more valuable than Kelly Oubre Jr, planned NBA schedule, Big Board, Nic Cage Spectrum and more

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Dave and Espo are joined in this episode with special guest Jared Cohen* to talk all the latest Suns news and off-season speculation.

*We continue our journey in the brothel on two wheels with retired local media personality Jared Cohen, former Arizona Rattlers play by play guy, a former member of the Sports360AZ team, a fellow Nic Cage lover and a lifelong Suns fan.

The topics are all over the place!

  • Settle it once and for all, is it time to trade Kelly Oubre Jr. this off-season or should he be part of their long term plans?
  • Is the NBA insane to want to start the season on December 22? Does a fast free agency help or hurt the Suns?
  • Devin Booker 88 in 2k
  • Amare on Nash’s Staff with Nets
  • Nic Cage Spectrum: Suns Off-season Edition
  • Espo’s Big Board
  • Flaming Bal(ler) Sack of mailbag questions

Plus, questions from the YouTube chat and Facebook friends!

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