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Happy birthday, Book! Phoenix Suns star turns 24 years old

Not too many 24 year-olds can say they’ve accomplished as much as Devin Booker has in his first five NBA seasons.

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This is not your typical 24-year old resume. Devin Booker’s individual accomplishments are downright absurd for someone that’s only been in the league for five seasons now.

The fact that it only took him five seasons to become Phoenix’s franchise leader in 30+ point games is mind boggling, and that record figures to be one of many the Suns star will shatter as his career progresses. Let’s relive some of his best moments.

Along with the aforementioned accomplishments in the tweet above, Booker also set the 3-Point Contest record with 20 made threes and a total score of 28 on his way to take home the 3-Point Contest crown taking down the Splash Brothers.

He also did this. 70 points at 20 years young. Still feels surreal to this day. Hey Jae Crowder, wherever you are, you still can’t guard him.

Never forget his back-to-back 50+ point games (59, 50) back in March 2019, as he was the youngest player in NBA history to do so.

Devin Booker made the first of many future all-star appearances last season, serving as Damian Lillard’s injury replacement after being inexcusably snubbed from the game in the first place.

It would be remiss if I excluded the bubble highlights, where Devin Booker took the league by storm and helped shift the perception of the Phoenix Suns future for the better as he led the charge to a perfect 8-0 record in Orlando.

Here’s a montage of his best career moments courtesy of, and it’s 28 minutes long... like I said, this is not normal for someone his age. Usually a highlight reel for a 24-year-old would run about 10-15 minutes, max. Not a half-hour. Just ridiculous.

Still just 24, he has plenty of time left before even reaching his NBA prime, which is a terrifying thought. In year number six there will be only one goal in mind though, and that’s leading the Suns to their first playoff appearance since the 2010-2011 season.

In his first season where there was a dash of competence around him, they made a 15-win improvement in a shortened season. It’s all on this front office to make these next five years much more memorable on the national scale than the first five were. He’s ready for the moment.

Happy birthday to the young gunner.

Also, happy birthday shoutout to Bright Side’s very own Sam Cooper aka @ScooperHoops on twitter.

2018 NBA All-Star Portraits Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

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