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SunsRank 10: Going 10-deep on the Suns is dedication

We continue to put a bow on the 2019-2020 season by ranking the the Phoenix Suns roster.

Toronto Raptors v Phoenix Suns Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Lists always have to go at least 10 deep. Sure, I’ve seen shorter and longer, but those are either an attempt to be cute or get to clickbait or simply because the author couldn’t think of exactly 10.

10 it is.

Our SunsRank series is now 9-deep with a full roster of the best Phoenix Suns team in half a decade. Here’s how you voted so far.

  1. Devin Booker. We gave it to the team’s only All-Star without a vote.
  2. Deandre Ayton. You had him ranked #2 with 46% of the vote (among 4 candidates).
  3. Ricky Rubio. The wise one rightfully earned this spot.
  4. Mikal Bridges. This was a close one, with the Man of Steel (48%) edging out Tsunami Papi (46%) for the spot.
  5. Kelly Oubre, Jr. He took 82% of the vote for that fifth spot.
  6. Cameron Johnson.
  7. Dario Saric.
  8. Aron Baynes.
  9. Jevon Carter.
  10. ...

Who’s the 10th best player on this past Suns team?

Could it be Frank Kaminsky, who had a really good 2019 but a terrible 2020 (on the basketball court, anyway).

Or could it be “8-Game” himself, the king of small sample sizes? Cameron Payne looked spectacular in the Bubble but definitely cannot sustain 50% 3-point shooting and gives me a little Isaiah Canaan vibes if I’m being honest.

*Frank and Payne snippets courtesy of John Voita

Frank Kaminsky

Ranks on the Suns: 19.9 MPG (10th), 9.7 PPG (8th), 3.2 3PA/G (8th), 33.1% 3PM/G (12th), 1.9 APG (7th), 4.5 RPG (6th), 0.4 SPG (12th)

The Case for Kaminsky: Crazy to think that Big Frank was the 8th leading scorer on the team, ahead of Mikal Bridges, right? He had flashes this year of being a solid backup player. His 24-point performance against Memphis last season put a smile on our faces, albeit in a loss.

Is he your prototypical big man, even at 7’0” tall? No sir. He’ll grab you a few boards, put up a few three’s, and make hilarious videos on Twitter. This is the 9th spot on the bench after all. I need some spunk and Frank has it!

The Case Against Kaminsky: What hurt Frank was his inconsistency. The stats show it: 8th in three’s attempted per game on the team, 12th in 3PT% at 33.1%. Yikes. The rest of his statistics don’t look very pretty and/or productive either.

Frank spent many minutes this season looking lost. On switches. On pick and roll plays. On fast breaks. He may be considered one of the funnier Phoenix Suns, but there is nothing funny about how you feel when he is on the court...

Cameron Payne

Ranks on the Suns: 22.9 MPG (7th), 10.9 PPG (6th), 3.6 3PA/G (5th), 51.7% 3PM/G (1st), 3.0 APG (3rd), 43.9 RPG (9th), 1.0 SPG (4th),

The Case for Payne: Anyone who plays defense is someone I admire. Payne brought the pain (oh so corny) in the Bubble and it felt as if he and Jevon Carter were the modern day Fulton Reed and Dean Portman. When the two were on the court, they were bashing the opposing offense.

His three-point shooting was clutch in the Bubble. Coming into the 8-game stretch he was a career 33.1% shooter from deep. His 51.7% performance solidified our respect for his game, even if it was in a limited capacity taking place in a gym with no fans.

The Case Against Payne: He only played in 8 games for the Suns. Were they the best 8 games for the franchise in the best decade, sure. But the sample size is to be noted. We believed in Elfrid Payton and Isaiah Canaan after their initial few performances weren’t dog shit. It is hard to know whether the talent that is Payne is sustainable.

What is sustainable? That contract.

Someone else

Who else is left on the roster after Frank and Payne takes through our top 11 players?

Elie Okobo. Ty Jerome. Cheick Diallo. Jalen Lecque. Yeah. These guys are interchangeably 12-15. I feel a bit for Elie but then I don’t. Dude had two years to prove he belongs in the NBA and never did. Ty Jerome looks like a kid who was handed a jersey because he won the shooting contest during a timeout. Cheick Diallo has an intriguing physical profile, but did not look good in the Suns scheme. And Jalen Lecque looked bad in G-League. Yeahhhhh, we can stop this ranking rychea.

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Who ranks as the 10th best player on the Suns?

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  • 22%
    Frank Kaminsky
    (55 votes)
  • 72%
    Cameron Payne
    (174 votes)
  • 4%
    Other (Lecque, Okobo, Diallo, Jerome)
    (11 votes)
240 votes total Vote Now

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