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Solar Panel: ZonaSports joins to discuss best fit for Suns in draft, plus much more

Espo, Dave and Brandon/Zona also discuss Booker’s frogs, the new Suns alt jersey, Mike D in Brooklyn and the Kelly rumor

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Dave and Espo are joined in this episode with special guest Brandon aka Zona aka @AZSportsZone, Bright Side writer and twitter hero and all around smart draft guy in a fun-packed show that starts with our Halloween costumes and ends with listener questions.

Along the way, we discuss:

  • Devin Booker turned 24, to a frog themed birthday party (Espo share the pic from social)
  • new Suns jersey with the pixels — trick? or treat?
  • SSOL in Brooklyn - Is Kyrie the best engine for the SSOL under Nash/D’Antoni? Is this the greatest thing to ever happen to Jarrett Allen?
  • Rumor: Warriors want Kelly Oubre Jr., would you trade him for #2? or for what with GS?
  • BIG TOPIC — BEST FITS FOR SUNS IN DRAFT — Brandon/Zona give us three ‘best fits’ at 10
  • also, discuss the value of trading up or down

We also have a new ‘Espo’s Big Board’ with a Halloween theme and dive into the YouTube chat questions from our LIVE stream!

You can participate with a few hundred of your Suns friends any time you want! We record with a live stream every Saturday morning and we’re always taking comments and questions straight out of the chat. Fun times!

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