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Welcome back Carter

Jevon Carter will be back in Phoenix Sun’s for the 2020-21 Season and beyond

Oklahoma City Thunder v Phoenix Suns Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Jevon Carter is staying in Phoenix and all Suns fans can agree 100% that this needed to be done. Having the tough, defensive minded, three point threat to back up Chris Paul keeps that steady pace of pressure on the offensive and defensive end of the floor.

Carter has earned every penny and square inch back onto the floor for the Suns. The strategy of staying glued to his man with full court pressure, while continuing to improve his half court offense, will let no opposing team rest on any night.

Isn’t it just fitting to have Carter back. The Suns have let go of some fan favorites but replaced them with greater value. Jae Crowder is looking to replace the minutes that Kelly Oubre Jr. left behind and Chris Paul replacing Ricky Rubio. It would be hard to replace Carter who is the perfect replica to what Paul would be if he were to come off the bench.

Carter shot 43.5% from 3 during the season, including the bubble. His defensive tandem with Cameron Payne off the bench in the bubble, continued to keep the fire lit and the momentum going on the 8-0 run. You could see Carter have a little bit more control of the Suns bench unit in the bubble. We will see if that can transform to this season. He was also a strong supporter to his teammates, never looking to own the attention, but always looking to give credit to the ones playing beside him.

The mindset that James Jones and Monty Williams want these players to have, Carter already possessed. It would have been insanity to let him go and try to replace him. The value of his contract and the leadership for the second unit would be hard to match with another backup point guard around the league.

What Carter can learn from Paul on and off the court, like many of the Suns players, is also of value. Only, 25 years old, Carter still has a lot to learn but really has a strong base and is eager to get better, just came back to the best situation possible.

Crowder, Paul, and Carter are all of the same attitude when it comes getting things done in the gym and having it translate to tip-off. Another great signing by Jones and another reason for Suns fans to be excited.

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