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Lots of opportunity for the Suns to move up in the 2020 Draft

There is lots of talk on teams potentially moving around and Phoenix is in good position for discussions.

2020 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

Ah, the draft is almost here and as such we will be hearing a lot of teams possibly wanting to reposition themselves. In this draft, having a pick later in the lottery could work in a team’s favor.

Let’s take a look at the mill with an angle for the Suns.

The Timberwolves are reportedly interested in trading the #1 pick

No, they’re not getting Devin Booker. I don’t see any deal the Suns can make with them to grab the top pick other than parting with the face of our franchise. So, moving on…

The Warriors are interested in trading the #2 pick

It’s been rumored that they are enamored with Kelly Oubre Jr. If LaMelo Ball is still available, this would be an intriguing move. Groom the promising point guard behind Ricky Rubio until he’s ready to set the league on fire next to Book. The trade would likely include Phoenix also sending the No. 10 pick but if it means getting Ball, they’d be wise to at least think hard about it. Maybe they could convince Golden State to add Eric Paschall in that case.

The Cavaliers (#5 pick) and Hawks (#6 pick) could trade their picks for veterans

I don’t see a move here as the Suns are not loaded with established veterans but rather with youth which is what Atlanta has plenty of as well.

Cleveland does need a small forward upgrade so maybe Oubre would be enticing to them. How would that work though? Maybe Phoenix could send Kelly and the tenth pick for Kevin Love and the fifth. It’s been talked on before that the Cavs would have to attach assets to get a team to take Kevin off their hands. This would be a decent risk for both teams as the Cavs would only be moving down five spots in a not too strong draft and the Suns sacrificing some cap space to bring in a power forward of Love’s caliber when healthy could be a steal.

There’s plenty more draft pick movement rumors. Here’s more from Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer:

League sources say both the Celtics and Magic are trying to move up into the mid-lottery using their own first-round picks, and the Wizards are angling to move up from no. 9.

If Washington is looking to move up, they’re a spot higher so that’s out. However, one possibility is they could get Elie Okobo or Ty Jerome if they like them at the point and just move down a single spot.

Orlando has No. 15 and moving up five spots could be very appealing to them depending who is still on the board at No. 10. What would be the move, though? Are they sold on Markelle Fultz or are they looking for another guard? How about an Oubre for Aaron Gordon or Evan Fournier swap?

Boston has multiple first-round picks (14, 26 and 30). With guys like Romeo Langford, Grant Williams and Carsen Edwards needing minutes to properly develop, it makes sense that they want to consolidate three picks into a higher one.

This makes the most sense to me out of the above. If Phoenix can pick up a late first or two by only moving down four spots, it would be extremely tempting. I’d even add in Okobo as the Celtics could use a scoring guard off the bench and Elie could catch on in Boston.

We’re less than two weeks away from the 2020 NBA Draft and anything can happen. Time will tell.

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