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Fanning the Flames: On the Phoenix Suns in the ESPN Top 100 list!

Paul and Justin talk about the Suns with a special fan-guest from Suns twitter

Minutes before recording this episode of Fanning the Flames, Justin decided to invent a new game called “Who Wants to Be On the Pod?” (which basically consisted of him tweeting “who wants to be on the pod?”). Josh Belgrad (@jbellssports) won, so he joins the guys to discuss:

  • Where Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and Chris Paul fall in ESPN’s list of the top 100 NBA players;
  • Which member of the Phoenix Suns has the best shot of cracking the top 100 next season; and
  • Some of the more outrageous spots ESPN ranked other NBA players.

Let’s go!

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Until next time!

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