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Previewing what Suns can expect from Langston Galloway

Lazarus Jackson from SB Nation’s Detroit Bad Boys site joins Suns JAM Session podcast to discuss what Suns fans can expect from Langston Galloway.

2020-21 Phoenix Suns Content Day Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Langston Galloway finished Saturday’s game against the Utah Jazz with 17 points, shooting 4-7 from three point range. It was quite the debut for the newly acquired combo guard. Expecting that every night from the six year veteran might be a little too much to ask, but you can see why the one-year/$2m contract might be a steal for the Suns.

Last Thursday, Suns JAM Session podcast met up with Lazarus Jackson from SB Nations Bad Boy site to discuss the Galloway. Laz gives us a lot of positives and after watching Saturdays game, I can see why.

Another good dude, great locker room guy and a 3-and-D player to add to the Suns depth.

Question: Did Galloway contribute to his highest ability last year for the Detroit Pistons?

Lazarus: He was a real contributor for the team. Him and Bruce Brown were the two best on ball defenders for the Pistons last year. They were both very good and valued for that.

Langston was actually one of the better shooters on the team last year. He shot above 40% from 3 last season. That would make him and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk the only two guys on the roster to do so.

There were a lot of nights when what Langston contributed in terms of good team defense, good on ball defense, and the ability to make open jump shots.

Q: Are you going to miss him?

LJ: I am going to miss Galloway on the team.

I’m surprised all it took was the the vet-min to bring him in. With shooting as important as it is in todays NBA .

The combination of plus shooter and plus locker-room guy, I think even the current iteration of the Pistons could of used.

Yes, we are going to miss Langton. He’s a cool dude, good shooter, great locker room presence, and great in his role.

Q: Where you surprised that Phoenix was a destination for him?

LJ: No. The Suns bench could of used some more shooting last year.

Because of the role he plays is kind of like a 3-D shooting guard, he can be very useful on 30 NBA teams. It wasn’t a surprise from me. Phoenix is a good spot for him

Q: Any good stories about Galloway?

LJ: He is from Louisiana, I think he is from Baton Rouge, which is not New Orleans but close.

Every time he would come play in New Orleans, he would have an amazing game. They would do a TV package of him handing out back packs and pencils to the kids. He would always have 30 people in the stands cheering for him.

You could always pencil that in when ever you saw the @New Orleans on the schedule. You knew you would get a lot of Langston Galloway content.

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