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Cam Payne helps pull off Christmas Miracle

A family of 11 is breathing fresh air thanks to his good deed.

2020-21 Phoenix Suns Content Day Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s the holiday season. While you make whatever plans you may have, remember that this time is also about giving. If someone is in need and you’re able to help them, please do so.

That’s exactly what Cam Payne did recently.

Evicted and not knowing where to turn, let alone how they were going to figure out presents for Christmas, a family of 11 was in a really difficult position and in store for a brutal holiday.

Cam got together with The Gorilla and the Phoenix Fire Department to bring up their spirit as quickly as he picks up an opposing ballhandler for 94 feet.

The family was in desperate need of help and Payne turned their frowns upside down and changed their tears from that of sadness into ones of joy.

The group of angels he teamed up with not only brought happiness and gifts but also helped with a deposit and rent to get the family a roof over their heads.

Read the whole article, with quotes from the family, right here at from local reporter Gina Mizell.

My respect to Cam, the Suns and everyone else involved. This was simply awesome.

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