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Locked On Suns Thursday: The state of Phoenix Suns fandom heading into 2021 with Espo and John Voita

A special announcement about the show in 2021 plus what it’s like to be a Suns fan right now.

Greg Esposito of the Suns Solar Panel podcast and John Voita of Bright Side of the Sun join the show for a debrief on what it’s like to be a Phoenix Suns fan as we approach 2021. We discuss heightened expectations, the needed reprieve of the NBA during this mess of a year, how we’ll remember the Bubble run, and more. Before that, Brendon looks back on his own 2020 and gives a special announcement about the show getting even better next season.

(Also, a big thank you to everyone who has listened to the show here on Bright Side all year!

It’s been fantastic to have this community to interact with and for fans to read and listen to my work, so I just wanted to say that.)

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