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News from Suns camp as Langston, Monty, Jevon talk: ‘realistically? ... champions.’

Players Langston Galloway, Jevon Carter and coach Monty Williams talk to media after practice

Hey there Bright Siders!

For those who don’t follow the Suns account on YouTube or through social media of any kind, we share with you the post-practice interviews with players and media.

Langston Galloway

“Everybody’s just ready to get after it... the competition level has been through the roof.”

Monty Williams

“We hit the guys with a lot of stuff yesterday (on day one of camp). We were able to play more today, four-on-four and five-on-five.”

“You don’t want to overload them, but we feel like we brought guys in that can handle a lot.”

Coach takes questions every day, so it’s always fun to try to glean new info out of him.

Jevon Carter

“It just felt like family here. I always felt like I was wanted here. Even when I went through the stretches when I wasn’t playing, it never felt like they didn’t want me here.”

“If you’re not gonna want to play hard, you’re not gonna play here at all.”

“Realistically?... Champions.”

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