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The Suns Report, ep. 3: Top 3 All-Star Moments

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THE SUNS REPORT, episode 3

Welcome to The Suns Report’s ‘My Top 3’ series!

All-Star Weekend is upon us and we have our first All-Star in 8 years!

Of course, this episode was recorded before Devin Booker was named to the game at the last moment to replace the injured Damian Lillard, but the rest of the episode is highly relevant to Suns fans all over the valley and the world.

John and Matthew discuss their Top 3 Suns All-Star Moments in the franchise’s history!

Is it Ceballos’ “Hocus Pocus” dunk? Where does Thunder Dan’s ’93 performance come in? Will Matthew lose his mind because Devin Booker was snubbed (channel your pre-Thursday frustrations for this one!)?!

Tune in!

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