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Quick Recap: Suns fall to the Pistons 116-108

This loss really hurts.

Phoenix Suns v Detroit Pistons Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Suns actually won the shooting battle tonight. They bested the Pistons from the field (54.5% vs 48.4%), from three (46.2% vs 42.9%) and from the free throw line (80% vs 75%) but lost the game everywhere else.

The Pistons out rebounded the Suns 42-37, made fewer turnovers (6 vs 15), got more steals (9 vs 4), committed fewer fouls (15 vs 21), and even had more assists (31 vs 29).

Oh yeah, their bench also out scored the Suns’ bench 39-17.

They wound up with 18 more field goal attempts than the Suns. It’s easy to understand that when you look at the discrepancies in rebounds, turnovers and steals.

The Suns’ bench was bad tonight but so was the Suns’ defense. A very good shooting night wasn’t enough to get past Detroit.

Deandre Ayton had another double-double for the Suns with 26 points and 11 rebounds. Kelly Oubre Jr. led them in scoring with 30 points. Devin Booker had 22 points and 7 assists while Ricky Rubio had 4 points and 11 assists... 10 of them in the first half.

Andre Drummond led the Pistons with 31 points and 19 rebounds. Reggie Jackson had 25 points and 9 assists.

1st Quarter

Suns lose the tip but stop Detroit and get a three from Bridges on the other end.

Trading baskets early but miscues by the Suns let Detroit take a 13-8 lead at 8:40. The Suns’ defense is not looking good early as Monty calls time with Detroit up 15-10.

Bridges has made two threes early which is a good sign for him.

Nice pick and roll to Ayton! Pistons up 17-15.

Drummond now has 8 points. They can’t let him go off tonight. But DA has scored the Suns’ last 9 points.

Oubre hits a trey, the Suns get a stop and had achance to take the lead but gave the ball back to Detroit. They push their lead back up to 3. 23-20 Pistons lead at 4:59 but they send Book to the line and their lead is back down to 1.

A stop by the Suns and Book gives the Suns a 24-23 lead! It doesn’t last long however as Drummond now has 14 points and the Pistons are up 30-26.

Both teams are shooting well tonight. The Piston are up 30-28 as time is called.

The Suns have made their first subs at 2:14 to go. Ayton has 11 points and the game is tied, 30-30.

Okobo passed when he should have taken the shot and the Pistons are up 33-30, Now 35-30 after a suns turnover. It’s now a 38-30 Pistons lead after another wasted possession by the Suns.

Booker gets to the line but only hits 1 of 2. The Pistons miss the last shot of the quarter but still have a 38-31 lead after one.

The Suns shot 70% from the field and still are behind. Ayton and Booker had 11 each.

2nd Quarter

Bridges gets muscled in the paint by Wood to start the quarter and the Pistons go up 43-33.

Carter hits a 3 and the Suns get a stop. They can’t capitalize though and Detroit scores. 48-36 Pistons lead after Jackson hits a trey and the Suns call time with 8:23 left in the half.

Suns have cut Detroit’s lead down to 48-40 after getting a few stops. Oubre hits a three and it’s 48-43. Not a lot of fouls called so far in this game. The Suns get another stop, Bridges gets another 3 and it’s a 48-46 game as Detroit calls time. 4:49 left in the half. The Suns have made a 10-0 run in the last three minutes.

The Suns get another stop but Ayton comes up short. Another stop by the Suns and Ayton ties it up 48-48. He missed the and-one that could have given the Suns the lead. Another defensive stop for the Suns but they miss and Detroit brings it back down and get a 2. Detroit is back up 50-48.

Ayton goes to the line and makes one. Ouch! The Pistons score and then a lazy inbounds pass by the Suns gives the ball back to them. Pistons now up 54-49.

Drummond already has a double-double.

Oubre scores and gets to the line... 3 point play. Pistons up 56-52 with 2:09 to play. Oubre with another trey but they can’t stop Detroit on the other end. 59-55 Pistons lead.

6 turnovers for the Suns so far. Only 2 for Detroit.

Bridges sneaks in for a layup just before the buzzer and the half ends with the Suns behind 64-61.

At the Half

Kelly Oubre Jr. leads the Suns with 18 points. Ayton has 16 but only 4 rebounds, Bridges has 13 and 6 rebs while Devin Booker had a relatively quiet 11 points in the half. Ricky Rubio has yet to score but already has 10 assists. Andre Drummond has 20 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Pistons.

The Suns are shooting 61.0% from the field and 50% from three but have taken 13 fewer shots than the Pistons who are shooting 49.1% from the field and also hitting 50% of their threes.

The Suns have turned the ball over 10 times, Detroit only twice and the Pistons are out rebounding the Suns 24-20.

Only 3 points scored by the Suns’ bench (Carter’s 3).

3rd Quarter

Neither team is outperforming the other to start the third period. Detroit has a 71-69 lead at 7:29.

Oubre gets a slam to tie the game at 71! After a Suns defensive stop, Booker hits an open three and take a 74-71 lead!

A near steal by the Suns but the Pistons still get a three and tie it up at 74. The Suns fail to score and Detroit is back up 76-74.

Ayton with a travel and Okobo fouls on the shot. Detroit makes only one though. Suns can’t score on the other end. The Pistons hit a three but then get a tech. Detroit up 80-75 after Book hits the FT.

Book for three! He has 18 now.

The Suns commit a foul and are now in the penalty. Detroit is back up 82-78.

Diallo with his first points and he goes to the line... and makes it. Suns down by one but Diallo with a foul on the other end to send the Pistons back to the line. Detroit now up 83-81.

Okobo with a 3 and the Suns are up 84-83. Good D by the Suns on the other end leads to a shot clock violation but a turnover by the Suns give the Pistons and easy fastbreak score.

Suns seem disorganized and unfocused and let the Pistons get some fairly easy buckets quickly.

Pistons are up 89-86 after three quarters.

4th Quarter

Suns get a much needed stop to start the 4th but turn it over and give the Pistons an easy score on a fastbreak.

The Suns keep shooting themselves in the foot. After a good play, they make a dumb play.

Detroit is up 93-91. Suns shot-clock violation and they turn the ball over again with 9:11 to play.

Kelly with his 5th trey of the night put the Suns up by 1, 94-93 but Jackson hits a three on the other end. The Suns can’t get a stop when they need one. Another turnover for the Suns and the Pistons are back up 98-94.

Another three for Detroit and they are up 101-94 with 7:11 to play. Suns call time.

The Suns are back in it after a few quick scores. 103-100 Pistons lead.

The Suns can’t seem to stay locked in though. Detroit fights back and jumps back ahead 110-102. Suns call time with 3:40 to play.

Turnovers are killing the Suns tonight.

Pistons up 112-106 after Rubio gets his first 2 points of the night at the line.

Pistons up 114-106 with 1:22 to go.

Not much hope left for the Suns.

This game is over.

Suns lose 116-108.

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