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The Madhouse: Week of 2/7/20 - No winning, no trading

But Kelly Oubre Jr. bobbleheads for the first 5000 in attendance.

Phoenix Suns v Detroit Pistons

Suns Stuff

Well, the 2020 NBA trade deadline came and went. Suns didn’t do s***.

I kind of have mixed feelings about this one. In years past I didn’t look towards the trade deadline with much anticipation. Mostly because teams that are bad, not just bad, but historically bad, do not have much to offer teams that are less than historically bad.

This year is different. We’re better. Better enough that we get to have fun conversations like, “what will we do at the trade deadline?” I was looking forward to a move.

Then I heard that what was being discussed was moving Kelly Oubre Jr. Several months ago I wouldn’t have cared. I was not high on Oubre. Today he is much better than I expected, having a career year by any metric that matters.

What were we logically going to get in return for Oubre that would have satisfied? I can’t come up with the answer to that question. And teams are going to low-ball anyway because the Suns have not been a trade partner to take seriously for awhile.

So it’s Friday. And Kelly Oubre Jr. is still with the Phoenix Suns. Which is good for those in the Suns’ promotions department since his bobblehead will be given away in 10-12 hours depending on when this gets posted.

The on the court stuff is not good, not good, friends. The Suns are now six wins behind the Memphis Grizzlies who occupy the eighth spot in the West.

The Suns have lost four straight, five of six, seven of nine, and I’m not going back any further. That’s going to get worse before it gets better. Home dates with the Rockets and Nuggets are up next, before we get the Lakers in Los Angeles. February 12th against the Warriors in Phoenix can’t come fast enough.

With the recent injuries that have plagued the Suns, it would be foolish of me to claim that there will be more than one win before we chat again next Friday. Beyond foolish.

So we’re going to call it 2-2. Phoenix will be 22-33 when we have our next chat.

NBA Stuff

Trades happened. Here are the trades.

Jay-Z share the details of his last conversation with Kobe Bryant.

Here’s what the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game will look like:

I will confess, I don’t know most of these names. Also, at first glance I thought that read “LaTroy Hawkins,” which struck me as an odd choice for such an event.

And here is who will be shooting the threes:

And here is who will be dunking the dunks:

And here is the skills competition, minus Derrick Rose:

Gordon, Graham, and Dinwiddie. Easy money. I’m fairly certain you cannot bet on the celebrity game, but if you can please advise.

Wondering what NBA players thought about the Super Bowl? Me neither! But here it is if you’re curious about such things.

Damian Lillard is doing some things that very few players have done.

Bradley Beal’s fiancee did not care for her man’s All-Star snub.

The Lakers have their eye on a couple of free agents.

The Knicks are making moves in the front office, BUT DON’T FRET, owner James Dolan isn’t going anywhere.

My Stuff

What I’m reading: Yesterday - A Good Man, Ani Katz. Today - After the Flood, Kassandra Montag.

What I’m playing: Stellar Interface, Black Paradox, and Xenoraptor are on sale for the Nintendo Switch. I’ll decide this week if they’re worth my time and money.

What I’m listening to: Investment podcasts. If you have recommendations on investment podcasts, please share. So far I enjoy Stacking Benjamins.

What I’m watching: Just finished the final season of BoJack Horseman. I recently learned about Westworld, which sounds like it could be my thing. Might start that up next.

What I’m Thinking

I love NBA All-Star Weekend.

I’ve always loved NBA All-Star Weekend. When I was a kid I definitely didn’t appreciate the All-Star Game as much as I should have. I think that’s due in large part to the ‘Sunday Scaries’ creeping in and the sadness that the weekend was coming to a close.

But Friday and Saturday night, that was always a party.

Today the fun factor doesn’t hit me as hard, but that’s partly due to having to be a grown-up, which sucks.

Part of the appeal was seeing these guys who, were it not for All-Star Weekend, were just names on a page.

I was especially fond of the 1993 Slam Dunk Contest. That one was won by Harold Miner. Let’s watch:

I had to buy his jersey. That went into the rotation with Charles Barkley and Dan Majerle. And later Glenn Robinson.

You know the other thing I really liked about All-Star Weekend? And I realize I’m kind of bouncing around here, do you remember when TNT would show Above the Rim or Heaven is a Playground, or something like that following the festivities? That was always a real treat. I don’t know if they still do that. I wouldn’t notice anyway because Netflix.

Is this still a big event for 10-year-olds? Do kids invite everyone over from the block to watch the slam dunk contest and three-point shootout? Is it a very old man thing that I even wonder about that? Because man, that was a lot of fun.

There are a lot of ASW memories I’d like to share, and I’ll do that next Friday. But I have to run now because we are having our master bathroom remodeled. It’s adult s*** and it sucks.

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