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Report: Suns expect to sign Jordan McRae

Remember him?

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are that the Suns will make a move to add scoring and a little playmaking in Jordan McRae.

Jordan McRae once played for the Phoenix Suns on a 10-day contract after playing for the G-League team most of the year.

He didn’t stick with the Suns that year, but has been on NBA teams most of his career since then.

This year McRae came off the bench for the Wizards until being included in as a throw-in at the deadline and being buried at the end of the Nuggets bench.

For the Wizards, McRae averaged 12.6 points per game in just over 22 minutes. He made 37% of his three pointers, which would put him toward the top of the Suns shooting ranks if he can keep it up.

Now it looks like McRae will get some time filling in on the wing in the wake of Kelly Oubre Jr.’s (probable) season ending injury.

McRae can do a little bit of everything but is not great at any one thing.

Yet he’s probably going to bring exactly what the Suns wanted all year and never got from Tyler Johnson.

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