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NBA suspended; Booker finds out on twitch

First NBA player, Rudy Gobert, tests positive for COVID-19 prompting entire league to suspend operations

Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

No more NBA, for probably the rest of the season.

The NBA released a statement that games are suspended until further notice after an NBA player, separately identified as Jazz center Rudy Gobert, tested positive late today for COVID-19 — the CoronaVirus.

The NBA made their formal announcement here.

Here is the video of Rudy Gobert disrespecting the whole virus the other day, touching all surfaces before exiting his pregame press conference on Monday.

Two days later, Gobert was diagnosed after showing flu-like symptoms. There’s a 14-day incubation period, That means all players in contact with Gobert in the last two weeks have been exposed via his breathing.

Also, thanks to the gesture he made above, now EVERY REPORTERS PHONE has been exposed by touch to his worldwide pandemic-laced self.

Thanks a freaking lot, Rudy.

Maybe don’t disrespect a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC.

I don’t know if I ever want to see Rudy Gobert in the NBA, I’m so incensed right now. F-U, Rudy. Touching EVERY DEVICE IN THE ROOM?!??! You know people die from this thing, right??!

It’s unfortunate that the media ON SITE were not even told before Woj was...

Other teams directly exposed to the Jazz recently.

And of course there’s all the teams that THOSE teams have played since then. And so on and so on.

Devin Booker found out while he was on twitch. This is must-watch!

The Phoenix Suns are currently 26-39, in 13th place in the Western Conference.

If the season ended today, the Suns would have the 10th pick in the lottery, with a 13.9% chance to jump into the top 4.

Best estimates are that the pandemic is likely, at minimum, a 3-6 month problem. Hopefully no longer than that, but vaccines are at least a year away.

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