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You can only pick three: Phoenix Suns logo edition

Which of these Suns’ logos are your all-time favorites?

The whole “you can only pick three” or #pick3 movement has been trending on social media these past couple weeks, so why not try to incorporate it into Phoenix Suns basketball?

The Suns have had some lively, enjoyable logos over the years, but in this exercise you’ll be forced to narrow it down to your top three favorites.

To keep it simple and not have a graphic with 15-plus options, I narrowed it down to solely their official primary and alternate logos, which leaves off the two highly of regarded inaugural “wordmark Phoenix logos”, which I know would crack many of your top three lists.

From the image below, which three are you rolling with?

It could be a few years before any major logo changes given they recently updated their primary logo to the Sunburst surrounded by black, but it’s always an interesting discussion.

Comment below with your picks. Which logo is your least favorite? Should they bring one of these back eventually, or add something fresh?

These are the hard-hitting questions that are of the utmost importance during a national pandemic.

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