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Locked On Suns Thursday: “:07 Seconds or Less” author Jack McCallum joins to revisit the 2005-06 season

The great Jack McCallum joined the show to revisit the season he spent with the Phoenix Suns.

Brendon is joined by Jack McCallum, the longtime Sports Illustrated NBA reporter and author of the definitive book on the Seven Seconds or Less Suns, “:07 Seconds or Less,” to revisit his time with Steve Nash, Mike D’Antoni and the most fun team in Suns history.

We discuss whether a book like this could ever be written now, why the playoff run solidified the season as one worth writing about, and Jack’s fondest memories of reporting on this group.

We also dive into Jack’s memories of modern Suns figures like James Jones and Robert Sarver, in addition to Jack’s biggest regret in writing the book and whether Steve Nash should have won the 2005-06 MVP award.

Of course, there’s much more. Don’t miss this one!

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