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Suns uniforms over the years: Which ones were the best?

There have been many classic Suns uniforms over the years, but if you had to narrow it down to your top three, which ones are you taking?

The Phoenix Suns have had a wide array of creative designs on their uniforms over the years. Whether it be the iconic “sunburst” throwbacks, the retro expansion “western font” uniforms or any of their blindingly bright orange kits, the creativity has been mostly consistent throughout the years.

The purple and orange color scheme has remained a longtime staple for the Suns, along with the home white uniforms with the aforementioned colors blended in. There have been some color scheme additions (good and bad) over the years, and they haven’t changed their uniforms all that often in the grand scheme of things.

From 1968 until 2000 the Suns had only two sets of uniforms they had ever used in the “original” western expansion sets and the “sunburst” look. In 2001 they finally made their third change in franchise history, which offered a uniform set that was mostly remembered from the Steve Nash era.

Back in 1994, the Suns unveiled their first black uniform of all-time, which was the alternate road black sunburst that many fans have adored over the years.

Fun fact: Ring-of-Honor member Dan Majerle is the only player in franchise history to wear the team’s first three uniform styles. This was made possible by his second stint in Phoenix (and final year of his career) coming in the 2001-2002 season.

The first ever “all-orange” jersey in franchise history debuted in 2003, when it was introduced as an alternate uniform.

In 2013-2014, Phoenix released a new set of uniforms that were inspired by the classic sunburst. They had a very nice balance of a modern feel and nostalgia to them. This may surprise people, but ESPN’s Paul Lukas ranked the Suns uniforms from this era as the 9th best in NBA history back in 2017.

Fast forward to the uniforms they have today, and they are partnered with Nike and boast the white “association” jersey, the “icon” purple, and the orange “statement” jersey.

What’s your perfect uniform set?

The Suns put you in charge and give you the option to pick a home, away and alternate from these uniforms below. Which trio you rocking with?

Comment below with your picks, and any other jersey-related takes that have been on your mind.

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