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Locked On Suns Monday: How the Suns handled the Bulls’ dynasty versus the Warriors’ dynasty, and which was better?

With the Bulls rising, the Suns traded for Charles Barkley. When Golden State came up, they folded. We look at why they made each decision and whether they were right.

With The Last Dance captivating sports fans everywhere, we revisit just how daring it was for the Suns to up the ante by trading for Charles Barkley during the peak of the Bulls’ dynasty. What went into that decision, and should they have tried so hard at a title with Michael Jordan at his peak?

Two decades later, with the Warriors cresting, the Suns tanked, avoiding any chance at competing with Golden State by cashing in on top-five picks every year. But did Ryan McDonough go far enough?

Last, which dynasty combat strategy was more effective and why?

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