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Fanning the Flames: Suns All-Time Fantasy Draft, Part 2

Paul and Justin bring on some special guests to take you through an all-time Suns franchise fantasy draft

We’re back with the second part of the 2020 Fanning the Flames Phoenix Suns All-Time Fantasy Draft. Once again, Flex from New Jersey (@cruzfe13) and Daniel Duarte (@DDuarte89) join us as we wrap up the draft with rounds 5 through 7, and discuss some of the guys who were left on the board.

To recap the first four rounds (from Part 1):

  • Paul: Steve Nash (1); Tom Chambers (8); Dan Majerle (9); Paul Westphal (16)
  • Dan: Charles Barkley (2); Shawn Marion (7); Jason Kidd (10); Alvan Adams (15)
  • Justin: Walter Davis (3); Kevin Johnson (6); Deandre Ayton (11); Larry Nance (14)
  • Flex: Devin Booker (4); Amare Stoudemire (5); Connie Hawkins (12); Joe Johnson (13)

Today, each podder will make their final picks and the coach for their teams.

Who has done well? And who sucks at this?

Make sure to head over to the Fanning the Flames Twitter account (@FanTheFlamesNBA) and cast your vote for who drafted the best team.

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Until next time!

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