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Would you want the Suns to play five more games?

The Phoenix Suns could play a short schedule to finish the season in Disney World

Phoenix Suns v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Would you want the Suns to come up with some way to play five more games or so, to get them to 70+ games played before winding down into a true off season while almost half the league goes into a playoffs tournament?

As it stands, the Phoenix Suns are 26-39 after 65 games — 17 games short of a regular 82-game schedule. The rest of the NBA has played between 63 and 67 games.

The NBA is considering a short 30-team finish to the regular season in a ‘bubble’ location in Orlando at Disney to get each team to 70+ games played before starting a playoffs.

Why would the league want each team to get to 70+ games before starting a playoff? Because money. Many regional sports packages only pay in full if there are 70+ games played in a season. Anything short of 70 games would allow them to renegotiate the deal downward, and NBA owners have already lost enough money in this pandemic. Don’t you feel bad for them?

So it’s possible the Suns could join the bubble in Orlando at Walt Disney World to play out a few more games.

Let’s just set aside the worldwide pandemic for the moment, and assume that these players would remain rona-free for two months in the happiest place on earth.

The reasons to play 5 more games:

  • We need sports! And the Suns are the best sport
  • Everyone’s healthy, so it would be nice to see the full roster together for the first time all year
  • Frank Kaminsky would play on Saturn if he has to, so let’s give Frank Space Mountain instead
  • Owners need money, and this would keep lining Robert Sarver’s pocket
  • Players won’t have to give back quite so much of their salaries
  • Suns need 4 wins to get to 30 for the first time since 2015

The reasons to call it a season NOW:

  • Suns are 6 wins out of the playoffs, so any quickie 5-game season still means no playoffs
  • Injuries: A rush job, especially with most of the Suns opponents fighting desperately for playoff position, could cause injuries that last into next year
  • Games will be an ugly brick-laying contest early on
  • Sarver might lose a few bucks, if you care about that kind of thing
  • Suns could win more than 30 games in a season for the first time since 2015.
  • Suns have fewer than 40 losses in a season right now for the first time since 2014. One more loss crosses that magic 40 line.

What do you think? Should the Suns play more basketball?


Should the Suns play five more games?

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  • 46%
    Yes — it’s definitely worth the trouble
    (209 votes)
  • 53%
    No — not worth the trouble
    (244 votes)
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