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Locked On Suns Wednesday: What if LaMarcus Aldridge signed with the Suns in 2015?

This move would’ve changed everything for the Suns under Ryan McDonough.

Our listeners have enjoyed our What If series here on the podcast, so we’re back with another one that could have changed everything in the Ryan McDonough era. What if LaMarcus Aldridge signs a four-year max contract with the Suns in 2015?

The plan for Phoenix was to sign Tyson Chandler alongside Aldridge, but a last-minute change led him to San Antonio. If that didn’t happen, does the Aldridge/Chandler frontcourt even survive in the modern NBA?

Also, how would the 2015 roster look? Is it actually a playoff team?

Not only would Aldridge’s arrival bring instant change, but it likely leads to some further roster reconstruction down the line. Does Devin Booker’s development slow due to Aldridge?

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