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Happy Anniversary! Suns become only 6th NBA franchise to go 10 years without playoffs

Phoenix Suns have tied the 5th longest drought without playoffs in NBA history

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns, Game 3 Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s good to be in exclusive company, right?

Many thanks to long time Suns fan, former Bright Side writer and commenter, and now world famous tweeter, Scott Howard for reminding us today why we are all here.

I could bother to look this up to be sure he’s right, but Scott has never been wrong and never ever been known to mislead Suns fans on any topic (even his name, amiright).

So let’s assume this is accurate, and proceed to wallow in appropriate self-pity. We can only thank the Kings for having a longer CURRENT drought.

This is a Suns franchise that made the playoffs in 27 of 33 seasons before the drought began on May 30, 2010 — the day after their game 6 loss to the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

This is a franchise that previously had a 5-year playoff drought as a recent expansion team, but no more than 3-year drought in any period after that under former GM-turned-owner Jerry Colangelo. Even during the drug scandal, the Suns didn’t miss more than 3 straight playoffs.

This is a franchise that was 4th in the entire NBA in lifetime winning percentage, as recently as 2012, after 44 years of existence. Now they’re 8th, after 52 years.

Sure, we don’t know if some magic will put the Suns in a corona-playoff later this summer, but today marks 3,650 days since we last saw the Suns in a playoff game.

How u?

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