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The Madhouse: Week of 5/29 - Another Suns Swag 5-pack

Two weeks ago I enjoyed finding some Phoenix Suns crap on eBay. I found more Phoenix Suns crap. Crap is probably the wrong word. Here’s some Phoenix Suns stuff you probably don’t need.

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I enjoy finding Phoenix Suns stuff on eBay. Sometimes I buy the stuff. Sometimes I don’t. Should you buy the stuff? I don’t know. I’m not in charge of your money.

You should buy the stuff.

“Blake Griffin Free Agent Phoenix Suns Jersey Game Issued Pro Cut 2XL Oklahoma OU”

Ok, we should start with the seller’s description.


Phoenix suns game issue pro cut Blake Griffin jersey. Size 2XL. Has the game tag, microphone pouch, right size and stitching. Here is the back story (BLAKE WAS A FREE AGENT A COUPLE YEARS AGO, THE SUNS WERE READY TO MEET AND SIGN HIM TO A HUGE CONTRACT. THIS JERSEY WAS MADE TO PRESENT TO HIM, HAD HE SIGNED!) Get this one of a kind game issue jersey. WILL HEAR ALL OFFERS!

The seller also offers screenshots of various Blake-to-Phoenix articles like this one:

Skeptical of the seller’s claim, I did do some of my own research. Here’s the short version.

Taylor Griffin appeared in eight games for the Phoenix Suns during the 2009-2010 season. That is the totality of his NBA career. The Suns did not wear the above jersey during this season.

The jersey above was unveiled on Tuesday, September 8th. 2015. They are still utilized today. So that syncs up with the Blake Griffin rumors.

But still, why is this a thing?

I suppose it’s possible that the uni played a role in the courtship of Griffin. If so, it’s a neat piece of sort of history.

It also could be from China. I’m not expert.

FWIW, the seller does have a number of other Suns ‘game issued’ jerseys for sale. If the Griffin offering piques your interest, it can be had for $210 after shipping.

Danny Ainge Boston Celtics NBA Champ Phoenix Suns BYU Cougars Signed Autograph”

Evidently Danny Ainge, who’s a dirtbag, played in some golf tournament once upon a time. A CELEBRITY golf tournament, so they must have been taking a lot of liberties with that word.

The signed scorecard shows that he shot a +1 on the front nine. But he probably cheated, you have to keep that in mind.

The documentation that comes with this piece is not good. There is none. The price is good. It’s 12 bucks after shipping.

But again, it’s Danny Ainge. So that number may be 8-10 bucks too high. You decide.

Phoenix Suns Abus 50th Anniversary Padlock”


I was unaware of this. In 2017, as part of a season-long celebration of Phoenix Suns basketball in the Valley, Abus partnered with the team, and gave away padlocks.


By the time the 2017-18 season was over, the Suns would lose 61 games, their highest such total since the inaugural season.

When the Bucks and Suns tipped off for ‘Padlock Night,’ Phoenix sported a 7-12 mark.

But it was a lot worse than 7-12. It just was. You had to be there, I guess. The Suns kicked off their celebratory season with 48-point loss to Portland. We all kind of gave up on the season moving forward.

Now, to their credit, the Suns did bring the Bucks to OT, before falling 113-107.

As seasons go, this was smack-dab in the middle of the worst stretch of Suns basketball in franchise history. Suns fans are among the best in any sport. Period. I mean that genuinely. But when I saw this on eBay, I thought one thing.

Do you know when you cannot throw a padlock?

When you do not have a padlock.

Seven bucks after shipping.

Mitchell and Ness PhoenixSuns xmass Steve Nash Hardwood Classics Swingman Jersey”

I was once quite the jersey connoisseur. I am no longer. I guess it comes with getting older. But I played 80 ‘Road to the Show” games on the PS4 the other day, so some habits die hard I guess. I don’t know. You do the math.

As you may know these jerseys get released for teams irrespective of whether or not they actually play a game on Christmas Day. That was not the case with this uni. The Suns did in fact meet the Lakers on Santa’s birthday during the ‘96-97 campaign. Phoenix was thrashed at home 108-87.

And because I’m sure anyone who sees you wearing this majestic piece will be sure to ask how Steve Nash did on this day, be prepared to say that he recorded 5 points and an assist in 9 minutes.

The seller has this listed for $800. Eight. Hundred. Dollars. A quick Google search shows that it can be had for much less.

But if you don’t have the time for Google searches, it is Eight. Hundred. Dollars.

Dan Majerle Men T Shirt Thunder Nine Phoenix Suns Vintage NBA XL USA 1990

Well firstly, this shirt is fantastic. i think we can all agree on that.

The seller has other Phoenix Suns items, in this vein, up for sale.

But 50 bucks for a used t-shirt. I don’t know. I just can’t. Maybe you can. Here’s one of the other shirts up for sale:

This one is “only” $45. I just can’t. Maybe you can.

Happy shopping, stay safe, see you next week.

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