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Confirmed: Frank the Tank is in Orlando

After much speculation as to who is present for the Phoenix Suns in Orlando, Frank Kaminsky confirmed his presence on SirusXM’s Barstool Radio.

Phoenix Suns v Orlando Magic Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Sound the trumpets. Bang the drums. Release the Kaminsky Kraken!

Frank Kaminsky is officially in the Orlando Bubble.

Much speculation has occurred as of late as to who is present for the Phoenix Suns in Orlando. Following the report of two positive COVID tests in late June, with names not being reported publicly, the Suns loaded their bags and gaming monitors on the plane and flew 1,849 miles to Florida’s fourth most populous city.

It was confirmed via pics on Twitter that Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, Kelly Oubre, Jevon Carter, and Dario Saric were present. There are more players for sure, but the exact count is unknown.

We didn’t see any pictures of Frank Kaminsky hopping off the plane. We didn’t see any Tweets of him sharing the meals provided by the Yacht Club. We didn’t see any updates from him via Twitter. The assumption was that he was one of the Suns players who would join the team at a later date.

Worry no more, Frank Fanatics. The Suns hilarious big man is in Florida.

Frank joined the SirusXM Barstool Radio program on Tuesday and spoke with hosts Kevin Clancy, Jared Carrabis, and Kayce Smith about “just being a bubble boy”. As Frank typically does, he had plenty to say with the unique Kaminsky perspective.

Living in the Bubble

Kaminsky shared his thoughts on living inside the Orlando campus, noting that, “it’s all around weird. All the protocols and precautions and everything, it’s just different.”

“There’s a lot stuff to figure out,” Frank reported, “if I were told you a year ago, ‘hey, 22 teams from the NBA are going to go to Orlando voluntarily and lock themselves down inside a bubble and try and figure out how to make things work’. I mean, you wouldn’t have believed me.”

Between high-tech rings, bracelets to check in everywhere you go, and social distancing credentials, he isn’t wrong. The NBA has spent countless hours trying to figure out how to make the bubble work.

“There’s two ways you can go about it,” Kaminsky stated. “You can complain or just deal with what the situation is.”

The Food Situation

Of course the food is a hot topic of discussion. Why? Because people always love complaining about food. Seriously. You can have a perfectly cooked medium rib-eye steak with creamy buttered mashed potatoes, and someone will still complain about the texture of the roll. It’s human nature I guess.

Frank informed the Barstool Radio folks that, “The meals are good.” But he also added, “Let’s just say the first couple days were a lot different than what it is now.”

Things are changing, however. The league is adapting day by day. Heck, some players are ordering Del Frisco’s steaks at this point.

“They’re updating things to fit players’ needs, like obviously the food situation,” Frank shared. “A lot of people have different things they like. So they figured out a way to help with that by letting us order from nicer restaurants. Just they had to get approved first.”

Soon we’ll hear less about the food and more about the fun.

Getting Back to Basketball

That’s why they’re there, right? To play basketball and have a shot at winning. The entire purpose of this crazy idea is to finalize the 2019-20 season. Conversely, it isn’t easy asking someone to leave their family during a pandemic for your entertainment.

“I know there’s a lot of people out there who want sports back badly and there’s a lot of people, like, excited for us to finally get back on the court and start playing”, Frank commented.

“When you think about it that way, like, having to sit in a hotel room for five or six weeks and literally just playing basketball and video games, it’s not much different from what I was doing back at home anyways.”

Kaminsky did share that he has been playing plenty of Call of Duty as of late. “I kinda suck. I suck until I don’t suck, and then I have flashes of greatness, and then I suck again”. Don’t we all Frank, don’t we all.

Frank went on to talk about himself and the Suns, who have the tough task of making the playoffs. “I just want to play. That’s the first and foremost thing,” he stated. “We’re really competitive people. The competitive edge is going to completely take over, regardless of how you feel. We’re going in here with an opportunity. You never know.”

The Legitimacy of this Season’s Champ

One thing you have to love about Frank Kaminsky is he tells it like he sees it. You do not receive the vanilla answer that some players provide. He’ll give you some flavor, perhaps some rainbow sherbet or a little Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream.

“I think this is going to be one of the hardest championships you can win,” he said. “You’re playing for a championship from the first game of the season. That’s what it kind of feels like.”

“Who knows what’s going to happen. You think about how much home court advantage plays a role…in the NBA playoffs and everything, there’s none of that this year.” He went on to add, “It’s gonna have to be like a certain motivation that you like find within like your own team. You can definitely feed off the energy of a home crowd and there’s gonna be none of that.”

Like everything that is going on in the world this year, “It’s gonna be different.”

The Happiest Place on Earth

The bubble taking place in Orlando does have its perks. Although it is not yet confirmed, Kaminsky shared his excitement for potentially being permitted to venture into the wonderful world of Disney.

“I’ve heard rumors that they’re going to let us go on rides,” Frank shared. “I had those sick parents where they never took us to Disney World growing up so this is actually my first time I’ve been here.”

Can you imagine a gaggle of NBA players riding the attractions at Disney World? The thought alone of a seven-foot tall Frank Kaminsky trying to fit into the train carts on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is enough to make me slap my knee with laughter.

What ride does Frank want to experience, seeing as he was a child deprived of the chance? “I want to go on one of those Dumbo elephant rides.”

Big Frank is sleeping easy while at the Yacht Club. How do we know?

“I ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon, you know, for what I like. I like a softer bed and the beds here are pretty hard. I ordered a pillow topper.”

Sleep easy, Frank. Good to know you’re with the team, safe, and sound.

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