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Former Suns GM Ryan McDonough joins Twitter, talks goats

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Boston Celtics Vs. Phoenix Suns At TD Garden Photo by Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

What a way to announce your presence. Ryan McDonough now has a Twitter account, and trumpeted his own arrival on the social media platform by posting a photo of the infamous goats that allegedly defecated in his office many years ago.

Like anything good on Suns Twitter, it ran through the account of former Bright Side contributor Sreekar.

After Sreekar made a joke about the Suns’ confounding decision to sell their G League franchise this morning, McDonough swooped in to set the record straight on the goats, with photographic evidence to boot.

Fans have noticed that McDonough somehow found the tweet and Sreekar’s account despite not being named or tagged in the tweet. This likely means McDonough had a burner account, but in case you’re still confused: Assume every powerful person has a Twitter account. The only question is whether it’s public or not.

Arizona Republic sports reporter Katherine Fitzgerald was able to confirm this was indeed McDonough.

Now, McDonough has a public account, which no doubt will attract some interesting commentary in his timeline. I hope he’s prepared for how much he’s going to get snitch-tagged.

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