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Suns have chosen their personal messages for social justice

All 22 teams in Orlando will be able to wear social justice messages on their jerseys instead of their names.

The game will look a bit different when you watch the Phoenix Suns take on the Washington Wizards in Orlando on Friday.

The court is the right size, but it looks weird. Without the tight ring of courtside seats the hardcourt appears simultaneously too big and too small.

Without the crowd in general, the sounds of the game are either nonexistent or piped in murmurs. Great plays by either team are met with little change in energy off the court beyond the bench players.

The home team logos on the court are fake — the actual court itself has no markings besides the generic NBA logo in the middle and the bold ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ lettering at midcourt.

And even the players will look different. Instead of their names on their jerseys, you will see social justice messages instead.

If you can’t read the pic, here you go:

The NBA is leading a charge to make sure the general public does not forget the constant need for increased social justice for people off all colors. Most notably Black people who are still given fewer opportunities and face greater prejudice than their white counterparts.

You may not have noticed, but peaceful protests are STILL going on in many large American cities, and the almost exclusively the only violence involved is from people protesting or trying to disburse the legally peaceful protests.

Suns head coach Monty Williams talks often about the need for American citizens to actively vote for office holders this fall in elections at all levels — state, city, county — to help support the need for more social justice. He does not need you to agree with his choices. He only wants you to do your research and to VOTE at all levels.

To that end, the Arizona Governor’s office distributed a notice to all state agencies today that their employees will be allowed to help out at polling places on voting days throughout the fall to help ensure a successful voting season. Most of the usual volunteers are among the most at-risk for coronavirus due to age and relative health. This is a great move by state government to supplement the staffing at those voting locations.

Please. Do your part. No matter how you vote. Just vote.

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