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Williams to Suns: “You gained the respect of the league, now we got to build on it”

Williams told the Suns that no matter what happens in the Portland game, they got to control their own destiny in the future.

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Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Thought I’d share coach Monty Williams’ post game speech, after the Suns beat the Mavericks to finish 8-0 in the Bubble, that was shared on social media and Fox Sports Arizona. He’s such a genuine guy and the words were so poignant, this one had me feeling like I was chopping onions.

“It’s been an unreal ride,” Williams said to the team.

“We got to back to the hotel and see what happens, but I want you guys to know this before that happens: This is therapeutic for me, to be around a group like this. I got to tell you guys, I love you. I do. I don’t care what happens tonight, I know what I got in this room.

“It has been cool for me to be with you all every day, to watch you guys work and battle and (chokes up) and gain the respect of your peers the way you have on this trip.

We are not the Suns of old. (points to Devin Booker) You’ve been through a lot. (pause) You’ve been through a lot. (looks back across the whole team) It’s hard to play the way you play every single night and not get the respect that you deserve. Well guess what? You got it.

“I don’t care what happens. God knows I hope we get a chance to keep shocking the world because that’s what you did. Nobody believed wed come here and go 8-0 and beat the teams we beat. But just know, man, this is special. Okay? I want you guys to know that.

“I don’t care what happens. This is special. Don’t let anybody take this away from you.

You gained the respect of the league. Okay, now we got to build on it. We may get to build on it this weekend, or it may happen in the summer. We don’t control that.

We got to get to the point where we control that. You understand that? You want the kind of team that controls your own destiny. That’s our next step.”

Monty brought the team in for a ‘family on three!’ and tried to walk out, but this 10foot long arm flashed across the screen to pat Monty on the back before he got too far away.

“We love you too, man!” Bridges said with a big smile.

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