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Booker breaks Twitter

Devin Booker’s game winning shot not only lifted the Suns to 3-0 in the Bubble, but made waves across NBA social media the likes Suns fans have never seen.

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Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Facebook Groups didn’t start until 2010, Twitter didn’t gain the likes of Shaq to their user base until 2008, and Instagram Stories didn’t premier until 2016. This isn’t a “The More You Know” segment, I promise.

Why am I mentioning these dates?

Nearly all memorable moments in Suns history occurred before the prominence of social media. Raja Bell’s legendary 2006 shot in the Western Conference semifinals didn’t blow up on Twitter. Tom Chamber’s dunk over Mark Jackson in 1989 wasn’t shared on Instagram. The ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ by Gar Heard in 1976? You get my point.

The Suns, while having their fair share of Kelly-Oubre-blowing-kisses-to-the-crowd moments, have yet to have a true moment that “broke Twitter”.

That all changed 3:27pm MST on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

Devin Booker was navigating the defense as time was rapidly counting down on the game clock against the Los Angeles Clippers. He turned left to see All-Star Kawhi Leonard closing. He pump faked, bringing Leonard into the air. He pivoted to find another All-Star Paul George, hand in air, approaching. Booker rose into the air and rose to the occasion. The following the occurred:

The Twitter-verse could not contain the elation of the moment. The bubble has had a March Madness feel to it. Game after game after game. It has not had a defining moment nor a defining shot.

The Phoenix Suns Twitter account kicked it off correctly, by quite simply stating:

Yes. Yes he is.

Booker’s game-winning jumper capped off an impressive 35 point performance against the current #2 seed in the Western Conference. Devin added 8 assists, 6 boards, and shot 6-9 from beyond the arc.

Players across the Association shared in the excitement of the moment. It is clear that Booker’s peers understood the difficulty level of Booker’s shot.

Former Suns’ teammates, player who have witnessed the growth of the young star, shared their thoughts on the moment as well.

Hell, they even received a compliment from Skip Bayless. I’m having conflicting feelings about this. But given the weight of the moment, I’ll allow it.

LeBron James, known for his active usage of social media, shared his love via Instagram.

Remember the Suns win over the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday night? ESPN’s approach to highlighting that game was to inform the world that Luka Doncic scored 40 points. Oh, and the Suns won. There would be no denying how this game would be covered, and outlet after outlet shared their thoughts on the shot.

Probably my favorite Tweet was from @RingerNBA. The relationship between The Ringer, most notably founder and CEO Bill Simmons, and Suns fans hasn’t been the greatest. He has been critical of Devin Booker not being a part of Team USA and generally does not have positive thoughts on the team.

Seeing RingerNBA reach out the olive branch just felt nice.

When take a step back and remove yourself for the emotion of the game, what are left with. Stats, my friends. Here is my favorite observation of what occurred.

Perhaps I’m being facetious, but this is one of those, “I remember where I was when I saw that happen” moments for Phoenix Suns, right? I remember exactly where I was when Raja Bell hit that three 14 years-ago (Famous Sams on Scottsdale and Thomas). I’ll always remember this one as well.

These moments are so few and far between. Technically it is a regular season game. We’ve seen Booker hit buzzer beaters before. This one, however, carried much more weight to it. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic. Negativity and division is prevalent is an uncertain world. These games are the first viable distraction we have had.

For a franchise that hasn’t celebrated as a collective group since the advent of modern social media, this was our moment. The world briefly glanced over it’s shoulder towards Phoenix and said, “Hey! Booker is a badass”.

We know.

And he’s ours. Thank you, Devin, for putting on a show.

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