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Inside the remodeled Phoenix Suns home at Talking Stick Resort Arena

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TSRA is still under construction, but many of the changes are already in place and they’re spectacular

I gotta tell you that watching this footage of construction for the newly remodeled Talking Stick Resort Arena got me hyped for the next season!

Yes I know we have no clue when the new season will even start, and yes I know they’re still not a playoff team, but damn this arena is going to be SLICK.

Movie theater lighting. Larger, all-black seats. New floor. Center video board that’s six times larger than the old one, and it’s even in HD this time!

My buddy just bought a new club-level season ticket package and was given a tour of renovations. He shared his video footage with me so I could share it with you!

The quality is great — much better than a Zapruder or Blairwitch video! — so sit back a few minutes and enjoy the show.

If you’ve seen the promo videos of what the arena will look like in the future, this video here is a great as-its-being-built version where you can see the future come to life.

Biggest takeaways:

  • Dark theater lighting, like the Staples Center does (Devin Booker’s request)
  • seats are all replaced and are bigger (slightly)
  • there will be a new court, but no design released as of yet
  • lots of entertainment options
  • great new locker room

Finally, the Suns will have one of the best arenas in the NBA again!