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The Suns Jump, Man

The Orange Statement Edition jerseys for the Phoenix Suns will don the Jumpman logo. Should they?

A renovated arena is in the works. A state-of-the-art training facility is nearly complete. The Phoenix Suns are making additions that not only add value to the franchise, they have the potential to lure big names to the desert.

When the Phoenix Suns Tweeted out the following on Monday, the pondering began:

I know I instantly became excited.

Would the Suns be releasing a new set of uniforms to align with the new stadium experience? Are the Suns redesigning their current uniforms for the third time in past 7 years? Did some of the brass in the Suns organization read my ‘Would You Rather’ article from April?!

Turns out it is none of the above.

The news came down last week from the NBA that the Jordan Brand Jumpman logo will be present on every team’s Statement Edition uniform set for the 2020-21 season.

Prior to this league-wide move, only the Michael Jordan owned Charlotte Hornets donned the iconic logo on their uniforms. With this announcement, every team will have one jersey that has a little logo of a guy jumping to dunk.

But should they?

I understand the relationship that Nike has with the Jordan Brand. Per Fox Business, the Jordan Brand generated $3.1 billion in sales for Nike in fiscal year 2019. Next to the Nike swoosh, it is one of the most recognizable non-word logos in existence, rivaling the likes of Apple and Starbucks.

Putting the Jumpman logo on existing jerseys creates a desire to purchase new schwag, especially amongst those loyal to the Jordan Brand. It is a classic move in an effort to sell some more gear.

But, I ask again, should they?

Should teams who continually met the demise at the hands of Michael Jeffery Jordan have to wear a jersey with the outline of his image on it? Seeing the New York Knicks with Jordan on the right lapel is odd. Imagining the Detroit Pistons, the franchise that created the ‘Jordan Rules’, having to wear a uniform with him on it is weird. I’m sure people in Utah have a thing or two to say about it.

Which brings me to the Phoenix Suns.

Michael Jordan, whether your think he is the greatest of all-time or not, was responsible for denying the Suns a championship back in 1993. Yeah, Paxson hit the infamous three-pointer, but Jordan was at the height of his basketball powers. He averaged a career Finals high 41 points-per-game en route to his third consecutive championship.

For those of who lived through that disappointment, seeing his logo on our Statement Edition jersey will be a tiny little reminder of what occurred in June of 1993. Perhaps I am in the minority of thinking this way, but teams should have the option between the Jumpman logo or the Nike logo.

Side note on the Suns Tweet: MAKE A STATE(23)MENT? My statement is two fold: I’d rather not have Jordan on the Suns logo (and this is coming from a very pro-Jordan fan) and I don’t understand what “STATE(23)MENT” means.

What do you think?


Do you like that the Suns will have the Jumpman logo on their Statement Edition jerseys?

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  • 38%
    No, they should have the option.
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  • 40%
    Who cares?
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