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Two-Time leaves West for Finals quest

Former two-time MVP Steve Nash has decided to become the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets

Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images

Well, I had no idea that Steve Nash wanted to be a head coach in the NBA. Sure, we always wanted him to save the flailing Suns and he’s been a close friend — or at least investment partner — with Suns owner Robert Sarver since his playing days, but Nash had never indicated a desire to coach.

Yet here we are.

Steve Nash, with no coaching experience, has agreed to become the head coach of the title-hunting Brooklyn Nets for the next four years. Read all the details from Woj here.

Eat your heart out that the picture used in that ESPN article was taken when Steve (very inebriatedly) accepted his place in the Suns Ring of Honor.

Nash will take over a Nets team trying to ascend the Eastern Conference ladder from a cute lower-rung playoff team to Finals contender with a healthy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Durant will return after year off from achilles injury and (hopefully) Kyrie Irving will return from myriad nagging injuries to join a team that made the East playoffs the last two years without them.

Nash, who never made the Finals as a player, has a chance to reach that status with Brooklyn in the East. Durant and Irving have both won an NBA championship and appeared in multiple Finals.

Do we have any clue how good a coach Steve Nash is? No. None. Ziltch. To pretend otherwise is just that: pretending. But we can be pretty sure he will lead the league in high fives again, and that the players will have his back. That’s a good start.

Jacque Vaughn will stay on as their lead assistant. We Suns fans should already have a permanent soft spot for Vaughn and the Nets after they almost got the Suns into the 2020 playoffs last month, and now we have even more reason to pray for a Nets/Suns Finals in the coming years.

Congrats, Two Time!

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