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Phoenix Suns Player Reviews 2022

All the player reviews from the 2021-22 Suns

2022 Coach Review: Evaluating Monty’s award-winning season.

Do 64 regular-season wins outweigh that one loss?

2022 GM Review: James Jones constructed the franchise’s best regular season team ever

Phoenix Suns set a 54-year franchise record for wins in a season with 64, three years after tallying only 19 wins

2022 Player Review: Jae Crowder is the model of inconsistency

You never know what to expect from Jae Crowder

2022 Player Review: Elfrid Payton was...there this season

He’s a good back up to the back up point guard, but his shooting was bad. Like, really bad.

2022 Player Review: Is there more to come from Aaron Holiday?

Holiday showed some promise in his short time as a Phoenix Suns backup point guard

2022 Player Review: Iffe Lundberg got his NBA feet wet

The Phoenix Suns brought Lundberg to the Valley as a two-way player late in the 2021-22 season

2022 Player Review: Deandre Ayton didn’t do quite enough

The big man had a fine year, but failed to prove he is a star

2022 Player Review: Mikal Bridges’ progression bodes well for the future

A pillar of consistency, Bridges’ presence was the one constant throughout the Phoenix Suns’ historic season.

2022 Player Review: Ish Wainright earned a spot in this league

Playing most of the season on a two-way contract for the Phoenix Suns, Wainright proved he at least belongs

2022 Player Review: Chris Paul and the million-dollar move with a ten-cent finish

Chris Paul had another great season for the Suns but it would be amiss to pretend the ending never happened.

2022 Player Review: Is Devin Booker worth the super-max?

Booker’s subpar performance in Games 6 and 7 of the Suns’ second-round matchup against the Dallas Mavericks has soured his coronation as a superstar.

2022 Player Review: Torrey Craig didn’t provide the expected spark

The Suns had the right idea, but the payoff never came

2022 Player Review: JaVale McGee was just what the doctor ordered

The big man provided size, experience, and productivity to the 2021-22 Phoenix Suns.

2022 Player Review: Cameron Johnson took a step, but was it big enough?

With a contract extension looming, what’s the right price for Cam with the Phoenix Suns?