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Game Preview: Suns (8-6) run it back with Nuggets (8-7) in Phoenix

Phoenix vs. Denver in the final game of a best-of-three. It’s appointment television.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What: Phoenix Suns (8-6) vs. Denver Nuggets (8-7)

When: 7pm AZ time

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

Watch: FSAZ, NBA League Pass

Listen: 98.7 FM

Spread: Phoenix -1.5

Last night your Suns dropped a heartbreaker to the Denver Nuggets, 130-126 in overtime. Go read our recap of last night’s action here, then come back.

Sucks to lose one like that, doesn’t it? Doesn’t suck as much as sucking for the better part of the last decade, though. Losses hurting twenty percent of the way through the season means progress. I just can’t get over the enjoyment of our Suns playing basketball of consequence with regularity. Man, what a fun team to watch.

Anyway, this is a new day and the Suns and Nuggets are set to do it again in the rubber match of a three game set. This is the last time we will face Denver in the regular season. Maybe in the postseason we’ll see them. Maybe. Suns will be there. I’m not sure about the Nuggets.

There are numbers associated with Saturday’s matchup. Go here to read the numbers we shared in Friday’s preview, then come back.

Those are good numbers in a pretty graphic. And numbers you can use. Because they’re not that different today. Because we just played these guys last night.

Look, it’s simple.


Ayton: Late, and often

Early in Friday’s game Phoenix shot a lot of threes. They made a lot of threes. They built a big lead. And they kept shooting threes. They didn’t have to continue shooting threes. They lost the lead. They lost the game.

Meanwhile, Deandre Ayton was beastly, and could have been even beastlier, if given the opportunity. He was not. Phoenix building a big lead and then blowing said lead is becoming a thing. I’ve had enough of it. Let Ayton continue to transform into the spectacular talent he’ll inevitably become.


I kind of already said that, didn’t I? Stop shooting all those threes when you don’t have to shoot all those threes. What else? OH THE TURNOVERS. Eight in the fourth? EIGHT IN THE FOURTH? Stop it.


Book might not be playing. I’ll not wager a guess. But if he can’t go, I’ll be curious to see what Galloway can do.


Phoenix - OUT - Dario Saric, Damian Jones, maybe Devin Booker

Denver - Greg Whittington

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