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Matrix talks about how the Seven Seconds or Less Suns were too predictable

Shawn Marion didn’t hold anything back by letting the truth be heard on the The Ringers NBA Show.

NBL Rd 1 - New Zealand v Brisbane Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

Last Thursday, The Ringer NBA Show hosted by Logan Murdock and former Phoenix Sun Raja Bell, was joined by Suns fan favorite Shawn Marion aka The Matrix.

Raja sparked conversation by asking Marion his thoughts on why Suns could not get over the hump and win an NBA Championship during the 7-seconds or less era.

The predictability and the inability to adjust to the opposing defense is what Marion believed to be the reason the Suns were unable to find success in the playoffs. I love the honesty from Marion as he give real in-depth thoughts about his game.

Revisiting the Suns struggles to get through the West and win a Championship, you can tell that the missed opportunities will be a thing that pisses off Marion for eternity. He was able to win a championship with the Dallas Mavericks later in his career but maybe without the same satisfaction he would have gained from winning it in Phoenix.

You can hear it in his voice that he was not listened to and other players received more respect than he when it came to game-planning.

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