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How to vote your Phoenix Suns into the All-Star Game

Vote Ayton, Paul, Booker, Bridges and anyone else you want, up to three times a day across three platforms!

2020-21 Phoenix Suns Content Day Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Fan voting counts for 50% of the total votes for players to make the All-Star starting lineup, with players and media counting 25% each.

The league does American Idol style voting from fans for the starting lineups, with each fan allowed to make dozens of votes as long as its only one per day per app, and sometimes a vote counts twice.

How Fans Can Vote:

  • Voting Page: Fill out one full ballot per day (per day is defined as once every 24 hours) on from a desktop or mobile browser. Fans can select up to two guards and three frontcourt players from each conference when choosing starters.
  • NBA App: Access the ballot and vote through the NBA App, which is available on Android and iOS. Fans can fill out one full ballot per day by selecting up to two guards and three frontcourt players from each conference when choosing starters.
  • Twitter: Tweet, retweet or reply with a hashtag of an NBA player’s first and last name (#DevinBooker, #ChrisPaul, #DeandreAyton, etc.) or Twitter handle (@DevinBook, @CP3, @DeandreAyton), along with the hashtag #NBAAllStar. Each tweet may include only one player’s name or handle. Fans may vote for 10 unique players per day from Jan. 28-Feb. 16.

Do it now and often!!

There’s only three weeks to vote! Suns best chances are Chris Paul (10-time All-Star), Devin Booker (1-time All-Star) and Deandre Ayton, and maybe even Mikal Bridges who might just be the Suns best overall player right now, but you can vote for anyone you want, up to 10 players a day on each of the three places!

Chris Paul just had a monster All-Star game on Saturday night, posting 29 points, 12 assists and 4 steals in a big Suns win without Booker, pushing the Suns record to 10-8 on the year.

Devin Booker’s biggest argument for the All-Star game at this point is that the Suns are only 2-7 without him the last two years!

Here’s the NBA release details on voting:

Fans may submit one full ballot each day via the NBA App and, as well as vote for up to 10 unique players per day on Twitter. All current players are available for selection. Five “2-for-1 Days” will allow fans to have their votes count twice on Jan. 30, Feb. 2, Feb. 4, Feb. 13 and Feb. 16.

NBA players and media will join fans in selecting the All-Star starters. Fans will account for 50 percent of the vote, while all current players and a media panel will account for 25 percent each. Players and media will be able to complete one ballot, featuring three frontcourt players and two guards from both the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.

After all votes are tallied, players will be ranked in each conference by position (guard and frontcourt) within each of the three voting groups — fan votes, player votes, and media votes. Each player’s score will be calculated by averaging his weighted ranks. Fan voting will serve as the tiebreaker for players in a position group with the same score.

Fans, players and media contribute to selecting the All-Star starters, then the league’s head coaches choose the bench. Both CP3 and Booker (injury replacement for Damian Lillard) were selected by the coaches.

Get voting! You, the fans, have control of 50% of the vote for starters. It’s a long shot to get Booker or Paul in the starting lineup over Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry, but let’s give it our best shot!

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