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I’m thinking respect with the fellas

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Any time soon?

2021-22 Phoenix Suns Media Day Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Oh, the disrespect!

We all know what it means to be fans of the Phoenix Suns and part of our fandom is being tested and having to stand up for our team.

Even through the “surprise” season last year and Finals run, the Suns were counted out pretty much the whole journey. There was a lot of discredit and you could even say hate sent their way. As a team and as individuals. You can’t tell me not one player or coach didn’t deserve recognition or an award. Did they get it? Of course not.

I’ve heard things as bad as people saying there was a real life cheat code that injured the opponent’s best player prior to the Suns facing them!

Like, hello, we had zero injuries of our own, right?

Also, did the Blazers beat the Nuggets? Did the Jazz beat the Clippers? Our opponents were at least partially “handicapped” for other teams to defeat. Wait, they didn’t and we did?

You would think that this Suns squad should start getting some respect.

It “should” do wonders if we can have another solid season, be at least second in the West again and go to the Finals again. It “should” also help with extra attention being on us.

The Phoenix Suns will have 34 games nationally televised this season. All eyes will be on them as they aim to prove that their 2020-21 campaign was not a fluke but that they are indeed for real.

I posed the question to a couple buddies here at BrightSide.

Do you think the extra publicity will help aid against the disrespect and discredit they constantly faced last season? What do you think it would take for them to finally start to get their due respect?

Jeff Gallimore: Disrespect is going to be part of the game no matter what level a team performs at. The Suns cannot control the excuses (see: injuries) used against them. While no method is foolproof, consistency is perhaps the greatest tool against disrespect. Stellar play in prime time this season (hello, Christmas game!) en route to another Finals appearance would continue to distance the franchise from the abysmal 2010s.

Also, I cannot wait to see how many people outside of Phoenix realize Cam Johnson’s ability. If he continues baptizing overmatched defenders it will be difficult to ignore.

Damon Allred: I think meme culture is going to keep the disrespect regarding the playoff run alive by itself. I mean we still see “LeMicky Mouse” in comment sections all the time, so those things never really die too quickly. As far as what it will take for the general public to give the due respect, I don’t think that can come until after Paul is gone and Phoenix still plays well. Many still give him too much credit and discredit the homegrown guys.

Well, I guess we will see, won’t we? What do you think, readers?

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