Opening Night Observations

Bucks V. Nets


  • Shit, I missed the first half. Score indicates bucks are firing on all cylinders.

  • Bucks look so complete, great team play.

  • KD looks as unstoppable as ever though.

  • Nick Claxton is not big enough to bang with Giannis or B.Lopez.

  • Kevin Durant, that is all.

  • Whether Giannis has actually become a good shooter or not is yet to be seen, he's come out like he is one though.

  • Giannis is physically superior to everyone, plain and simple

  • Those Nike Zoom Freak 3s are nice.

  • KD is a much better defender than he gets credit for.

  • LMA looks rusty

  • Apparently the nets played mediocre in the first half too, needing to make a comeback in the 2nd, and still starting the 2nd half down.

  • Nets look a bit flat-footed, but they're mostly getting good shots.

  • A lot of poise by Nwora.

  • Hard to call a foul on lopez if he doesn't even move

  • Apparently the Bucks never foul on block attempts, at all from the looks of it

  • Coach Nash calls the game down 14 with about 3:45 left in the 4th

  • If the "others" on the nets aren't playing well too, the Nets(KD,Harden) aren't good enough to beat a motivated Bucks team

The Bucks looked impressive tonight, Giannis is playing like he doesn't think anyone or anything can stand in front of him. For as physically imposing as Giannis is playing at the moment, Kevin Durant looks even more unguardable than Antetokounmpo does, the Nets played lackluster tonight, just barely above mediocre. At least in the 2nd half... I missed the first half.


Warriors V. Lakers

  • Refs are calling less fouls period

  • Nevermind?? I guess, we'll see.

  • LeBron looks rested, warriors not looking too bad either.

  • Anthony Davis loves hitting the deck

  • If LeBron is going to hit 3s, the Lakers will be hard to defend

  • Carmelo is LA's favorite Laker

  • The Warriors haven't scored in a while, hard to have notes on them.

  • The Lakers are having AD stay on the other side of the court for free throws so that Westbrook gets free rebounds.

  • Free throws from Curry really woke the rest of the Dubs.

  • At the end of the first, I'd say Curry and AD stand out so far.

  • LeBron looks amazing, hasn't physically dominated, but he's getting easy shots for himself

  • A lot of ball movement and team ball from both teams, Bjelica is playing his role at a high level so far.

  • Russ bricks a 3, he's been hesitant to shoot them all night.

  • Otto Porter Jr really does look like Wilt Chamberlain, same head shape and features.

  • Warriors have stayed active and it's gotten them into this game, their shot making has been subpar, the Lakers have been bad on loose rebounds

  • LeBron has been excellent while still looking old

  • A lot of hustle from the warriors, curry is mostly just spacing it out there, their bench has kept them it

  • The Lakers are mostly letting the warriors stay in it, lots of contributions from a lot of guys.

At the half, it's pretty close, though I think the Lakers have played better, but they don't have the horses to put teams away, maybe their defense just isn't good. It's mostly just Lebron and AD producing out there. The Warriors supporting cast has looked like they'll be able to contribute throughout the year.

  • Lebron looks spry, I think all year we'll hear this kind of language where we don't say he's fast but we use synonyms for speed and agility.

  • Westbrook has not helped the team while he's out there so far/ warriors have made their open shots and rebounded well.

  • LeBron has been the best player on the court on both ends of the floor. Is that what you really want though?

  • The Warriors offense has largely consisted of open shots on offensive rebounds.

  • Poole has come alive.

  • The Lakers have had decent offense but have not played amazing defense.

  • Lakers fan tried to trip curry by spilling their drink

  • Good free throw shooting and 2nd chance points have kept the warriors alive all game, Lakers have basically been in control

  • The Warriors shot making has really softened the lakers already slow defense.

  • Warriors are outworking the Lakers, they have for most of the game. Laker's offense hasn't been terrible, but the Warrior's slow shooting start ended.

  • Run of the mill night by Curry with 5 left in the 4th, not great on offense but he's played team ball. He's only 4 threes from a 30 point night though, and closing in on a triple double

  • Avery Bradley might be an amazing pick up by the end of the season

  • Warriors are really playing team ball, out played the lakers from about the 2nd quarter forward, though it didn't pay off till about the 3rd

  • Bjelica has been a star in his role

  • Before Avery Bradley made two 3s, none of the non LeBron/AD Lakers could really score.

  • The Warriors started slow, but steady. They've gotten contributions from a lot of places tonight

  • Lebron and AD have been the whole offense all night, it worked for a while, but combined with mediocre defense and terrible rebounding = lakers gon' lose

LeBron and Anthony Davis lose to the Warriors. The Warriors look like they're going to play a team brand of basketball this season that will definitely wear teams down over a game, Steph creates spacing and can facilitate, if his supporting cast makes shots, and cuts and rebounds they're going to be a handful all year. I didn't say the Lakers lost purposefully, because only AD and LeBron came out to play tonight.


Overall, the Bucks looked like the best team on the court tonight, Giannis is playing at a higher level of physicality than anyone on the planet right now. That said, KD and LeBron look every bit as unguardable as Giannis, but not with a physically imposing game. Head to head, I'd currently take the Buck over both of their respective teams. The Warriors played like they'd give the Bucks the best battle out of the 3 teams that played tonight. With a combination of smart team play and hustle, The Warriors could be a top 3 seed in the west, but it could just be a good game against a slow Lakers defense. The season will tell.