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Suns take down Lakers 115-105 to grab their first win of the season

A bounce back performance by the Suns led to frustrating loss for the Lakers.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns got their first victory against the Los Angeles Lakers 115-105.

A fun 3rd quarter helped push the Suns up to a 32-point lead over a frustrated Lakers team. From fights on the bench and the crowd, to a very slow and individual offense, the Lakers had no answer all night. It was the fight for the first win of the season for both teams.

Everything that could go wrong for the Lakers did, and everything that could go right for the Suns did. It was a great win to get some momentum heading into Saturday nights matchup against the Portland Trailblazers.

Game Flow

First Half

Jae Crowder was the story early in the first quarter hitting a couple floaters in the lane to help push the Suns lead to 7-2. The Lakers defense was easy on him in the lane and Crowder was able to take advantage.

The Lakers Russell Westbrook started to abuse Devin Booker on the block drawing two fouls before the halfway mark in the first. One foul leading to an and-1. A mismatch where Booker was getting the short end of the stick. This helped push the Lakers to a 15-13 lead after LeBron James hit his first 3-pointer in the game coming off a fast break.

LeBron was hot from three, getting both of his long range jumpers to go in. Everything ese was not working for him, including matchup with Mikal Bridges. Bridges was hard to budge creating a turnover and not giving an inch. The next possession, Bridges was able to draw the foul on James to set in a little frustration for the King.

Booker was also frustrated, continuing to struggle this game starting the game 1-6 and 0-2 from three. To the bench Booker went and Landry Shamet made his first entrance of the game to try and help uplift the offense.

JaVale McGee was having a little fun with Anthony Davis trying to go one-on-one off the dribble and winning the second battle getting to the line.

The spark from the Suns bench wasn’t there yet in the first quarter. The Lakers held the lead going into the 2nd-quarter 26-23.

Chris Paul and LeBron trade off threes to start the 2nd quarter. Paul got his on 3 free throw attempts. Crowder was quickly to follow with his how 3-point play from beyond the arc. But this one gave LeBron his 3rd foul of the game and led to a flagrant foul penalty one.

McGee started to get into some real action. A break away dunk and then drawing a foul leading to two missed free-throws. Suns had to find some offense somewhere...

Suns took the lead with 8:12 left after continuing to get to the free-throw line by getting to the bonus super early. Paul was getting on the Lakers last nerve, and that is exactly what Paul wanted to do. The Suns were winning at the free-throw line.

Bridges and Paul got the 2-man game going along with Ayton making an appearance with his second alley-oop of the game. Bridges then hit a wide open corner three to put the suns up 47-38. The Lakers looked very frustrated after Westbrook drew is 3rd foul of the game.

Ayton was having some trouble getting some calls and then cost the Suns a wide open three on the other end from Rajon Rando.

Booker helped push the lead after getting hot from the field. Along with Bridges defense, the Suns lead the Lakers 57-44 at the half. Things were looking great for the Suns... not so much the Lakers.

Second Half

The Suns did not miss a step starting the second half. Four fast pace points to extend the lead. Paul was able to pull off the mismatch against Anthony Davis a few times to catch the Lakers defense. It looked like the game plan after half-time fore the Suns.

Ayton was came out very physical against Davis. It was not always a win, or a basket, but he was able to hit Booker in rhythm for a three after failing to get the ball up on the rim. These are things that need to continue to happen this year, and no better place to start then against Davis and the Lakers.

Paul was razzling and dazzling with the ball and hitting nothing but the bottom of the net increasing the lead to 74-53. It was Chris Paul takeover time!

Lakers players were irritated and the Suns player where just having fun in the 3rd.

The only player that looked a little off this game was Booker, but after a great end the 2nd, he started to play his game by getting to the rim and getting his middy to fall.

The Lakers were slamming the front rim on every shot and the Laker fans kept quite and started to sneak away out the front door as things started to get embarrassing for them to end the 3rd quarter. Even LeBron didn't make it back down court to help his offense after a blocked shot on Cameron Johnson. Didn’t we see that before last year?

Even the Laker fans were fighting the players and getting ejected. At the time, maybe the game should have just been called.

At the end of three, the Suns were up 94-67.

To start the 4th, the Lakers tried to make a push behind LeBron and Westbrook. It was a tough hill to climb and it was impossible. It looked like the Lakers just needed the momentum for next game.

Westbrook had plenty of chances at the rim and failed to succeed. This is what really kept the Lakers from making any kind of a run.

Booker drained a three to put the Suns back up by 20 while Ayton and Davis looked to start a fight. You like to see it in Ayton. His defense was just stellar late to hold off Davis and the Lakers.

Suns win:

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