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Here Come the Suns - Re-live Suns over Lakers, break down the NBA Top-75

The crew break give reaction and talk about the Suns extensions / NBA 75

Forget the Portland game. Flush it from your memory and spend the next hour reliving the Suns big win over the Lakers!

Join Chapin, Fonz and Brandon as they provide live commentary on the 2nd Half of the Suns game as it happens and also break down the Suns extending Shamet / not extending Deandre Ayton. Also we talk about snubs for the NBAs 75 team.

Let’s go!

About the Show

Phoenix Suns centered NBA Talkshow with a mix of fanboy, neutral and outside perspectives on current Suns and NBA stories. Featuring passionate hot takes, analytical analysis, objective criticism, and spirited debates, this Suns podcast will appeal to Suns fans of all ages and even fans of other NBA teams. Down with Lakers and Clippers! Go Suns!

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Until next time!

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