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Here Come the Suns - Did Patrick Beverley Ruin Phoenix’s Title Run?

Did Patrick Beverley Ruin Phoenix’s Title Run? Plus, Lakers vs Suns Reaction / Ayton Max?

Welcome to a brand new podcast on the Bright Side Network! Chapin, Brandon and Fonz deliver some bold and fiery takes in this initial episode of Here Come the Suns.

  • First we discuss the catalyst for last season’s amazing run, but also what prevented the Suns from finishing the job.
  • Next we dive into their most meaningful offseason addition, but what the team is still lacking.
  • Next we have a full scouting report from the Suns convincing win over the Lakers this past Wednesday afternoon.
  • Our attention then turns to the rest of the NBA and we either compliment or tear into Lakers filling their rosters with very old HOFers, Ben Simmons demanding a trade, Clipper chances without Kawhi this year, can the Suns take down LAL and BKN, and finally the Deandre Ayton max contract dispute.
  • In our next segment, we vent about what we are sick and tired of in today’s NBA.
  • We wrap up with an intense trivia challenge and a fun Joe Johnson back to the Suns take to end the podcast. Please enjoy the show! #HCTSpodcast

Let’s go!

About the Show

Phoenix Suns centered NBA Talkshow with a mix of fanboy, neutral and outside perspectives on current Suns and NBA stories. Featuring passionate hot takes, analytical analysis, objective criticism, and spirited debates, this Suns podcast will appeal to Suns fans of all ages and even fans of other NBA teams. Down with Lakers and Clippers! Go Suns!

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Until next time!

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