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Final Score: Suns dismantle the Grizzlies 119-94

Suns were feeding all night long against the Grizzlies extending their winning streak to 7!

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns defeat the Memphis Grizzlies 119-94.

The Suns were an impossible task for the Grizzlies, struggling at all facets of the game. When Abdel Nadar began to take over the third quarter extending the Suns lead to 36-points, you know as a team and franchise, you are in trouble.

A full 48-minutes were played by the Suns, burying the Grizzlies early, leaving them no sign of life.

Game Flow

First Half

Off to a 5-0 start to the game, the Suns looked to be in a early groove. The orange uniforms mixed with the Grizzlies blue eased the eyes into what will be some stiff competition between both teams.

Jae Crowder, noted to play well in Memphis, started the game 2-2 from three and 3-3 as a team before Memphis had to blow their first timeout down 13-7.

After JaVale McGee picked up is second foul only three minutes into the game, Frank Kaminski entered the game. Living up to some expectations, Frank had a semi target on his back.

The Suns were physical early, getting their finger tips on the ball, leading to an unsettled Grizzlies offense. And, again, you got Frank.

Ja Morant’s explosiveness gave the Grizzlies crowd energy by throwing down a monster dunk with ease.

Devin Booker was able to match Ja with a dunk of his own. Already with eight points in the early going, mid-range and getting to the rim, he was able to tear down the Grizzlies defense leading the Suns to a 28-18 lead.

Against the Portland Trailblazers on Wednesday, the Suns kept feeding Frank finding mismatches down on the block. The same strategy began to take place toward the end of the first quarter and the Grizzlies had to quickly double.

Leading the bench, Cam Payne knocked down both threes to push the Suns lead to 36-23 heading into the second quarter.

A big rebound, a great feed to Frank, and an and-1 to finish off a beautiful sequence, Cameron Johnson kept the second units pace up and the lead for the Suns reached 16.

McGee on the other hand did not have a good sequence. After taking off the sunglasses and returning to the lineup, he picked up his third foul. Yes, sunglasses.

STIX! Jalen Smith entered the game with eight minutes left in the second. A tall task for Stix facing Steven Adams but with McGee picking up his third foul, the Suns had no choice.

Chris Paul was able to return to the lineup and help stop a Grizzlies 8-2 run. Half way through the second the Suns rose back up to a 50-35 lead after Paul got a couple shots to roll in with the gentle touch.

Frank might have been the kryptonite to Ja. Clogging the paint, the shot difficulty went up couple notches for Ja who started to struggle. Even Adams struggles to move frank under the rim in gaining position for a rebound.

20. POINT. LEAD. Crowder hit another three and the Suns offense was unstoppable right before half.

The story of the first half for the Grizzlies was the inability to control the ball in the paint on offense against a Suns defense who kept swimming for the ball.

A buzzer beater from Booker makes it 62-43, Suns, at the half.

Second Half

The Grizzlies looked to play catch-up within the first few minutes of the third quarter by jacking up the three. Unable to connect on one, Ja then began to get to the rim at will but the Suns were able to answer.

The Suns were able to keep the distance by staying focused on defense and Mikal Bridges hitting two huge threes. Suns were up 26-points and continued to make a statement.

Two blocks by who? Crowder. This shows you the effort put in by every player on the floor. Transition defense and man-to-man, the Suns were still locked in half-way through the third quarter.

Even Abdel Nadar took it to the house to put the suns up 79-49. A 30-point lead!

Heading in to the final quarter, the Suns were only up 92-64 after a 12-2 run by the Grizzlies.

To start the 4th, the Grizzlies scored four straight before Landry Shamet was able to knock down a three to keep the distance. There was one last effort left in the Grizzlies after they cut it to 24. Timeout Suns to regroup.

Eight minutes left to go in the game and Paul grabbed his 4th steal in the game. Again, the effort was still there to give the Grizzlies 0 chance of coming back.

The defense by the Grizzlies was still there in effort but the Suns were shooting 50% from three and the shots were still dropping for them late in the fourth quarter.

After a timeout called, the Suns bench began to trickle in and finish the game off. No lead is safe with five minutes left in the game, but this one looked like a different story.

Final Score: Suns 119, Grizzlies 94.

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