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Suns appreciation from Nekias Duncan (Dunker Spot pod)

The Phoenix Suns get some love from bigtime podcaster Nekias Duncan of the Dunker Spot podcast)

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Phoenix Suns Chris Coduto-USA TODAY Sports

Just wanted to share this with you Bright Siders!

We have not heard much about the Phoenix Suns on national podcasts lately despite their 8-game winning streak and second-best record in the West. In fact, the venerable Zach Lowe of ESPN fame admitted on Friday’s pod that he simply doesn’t find the Suns interesting to talk about. He says that the Suns are predictably good, and whenever he watches a game there’s simply nothing new that he hasn’t seen. He was not worried about the Suns when they were 1-3 and is equally not wowed by them winning (at the time) six straight game. Reminds me of the Spurs back in the day.

One of the Suns biggest semi-casual fans among national podders is Nekias Duncan, who hosts The Dunker Spot with Steve Jones Jr. On their pod last week, Nekias brought up the Suns for a couple of minutes, pointing out what he likes about the team this year and the progression he’s seeing.

The Basketball Chess YouTube channel spent some quality time marrying up Nekias’ commentary with actual video to support him.

Nekias talks about Chris Paul’s hands (leads the league in steals per game), Devin Booker’s playmaking, Mikal Bridges’ defensive slither, Frank Kaminsky filling the gaps,

“The Suns are coming,” Nekias concludes.

Enjoy! This is really worth your time.

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