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Into The Valley: The Suns Stay Streaking!

New podcast on the Bright Side Network delves into all things Suns, week to week, each Monday

Welcome to a NEW WEEKLY SHOW on the Bright Side Podcast Network!

After a perfect Thanksgiving road trip, the Phoenix Suns win streak has grown to 16! With their last loss (which was an entire month ago) far in the rearview mirror, the Suns seem to have forgotten how to lose. If a back to back against the Knicks and Nets wasn’t hard enough, the Suns face an equally-hot Warriors team coming up next!

In our weekly Highs, Lows, and “Just So You Knows” we discuss Cam Payne’s perfect role, Ryan’s apparent prophetic abilities, and why Christmas is all about basketball.

Let’s go!

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Until next time!

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